Squirting a big military cum load with new dude Sergeant Weston

straight military man stroking his cock
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Video title: Weston: Solo

Run time: 17:00

Starring: Sergeant Weston


I love watching horny straight men enjoying their own cock, especially when they’re splashing out a big military cum load all over themselves!

Check out new guy Sergeant Weston, a big and horny military man who isn’t at all shy about showing off his long and smooth cock and stroking out an impressive mess of cum for the boys. If you love big and messy loads (and be honest, who doesn’t?) you’re gonna love seeing him drenching himself with his cock juice.

Although we doesn’t admit it in the video I get the feeling that Sergeant Weston might have had a couple of cum splashing experiences with other guys before. You know you just sometimes get a feeling about a guy? He just seems like one of those dudes who’s so confident and horny it seems unlikely that he hasn’t had at least one or two opportunities to get his dick out with a buddy and cum.

I also get the feeling that we might be seeing more of this guy after his debut. There’s no denying he had a great time stroking that cock, when his dick becomes rock hard and semen starts spewing out all over himself he makes a great mess, splashing his neck and chest and even flying over his shoulder to splash over the pillow!

Will we get to watch him cumming with one of the other guys on the site? I don’t think it would be too hard to convince him into that.


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