Straight Off Base Review

The Straight Off Base site is pretty unique in the world of gay porn, with genuine military guys getting their cocks out and having some fun in some genuinely horny encounters that you perhaps wouldn’t expect from straight men in the Air Force, Army and Navy. The site was created by “Major Wood”, a guy who has access to a lot of extremely hot military men. He’s been in the business for several decades, working with other sites, but his own projects are very much original creations.

NOTE: Straight Off Base membership comes with access to My Straight Buddy

You might be familiar with the My Straight Buddy site and the scandal that rocked the business a few years ago when a whole bunch of his horny military guys were revealed and investigated for their involvement. That lead to a long break of 4 years on the My Straight Buddy site, but the Straight Off Base site continued in that time to deliver great new muscled military hunks in more discreet ways, getting their cocks out in solo videos, swapping their dicks in mutual masturbation sessions, being sucked and wanked, and even sharing some threesome and group fun with each other too.The My Straight Buddy site has started up again this year (November 2017) and we’re expecting a lot of great new content from them.

The men of Straight Off Base are genuine military guys, either serving or formerly serving in all branches of the military

The performers of Straight Off Base are either serving or former members of various branches, and they’re all pretty hot to watch. Most are in their 20’s or early 30’s and have great bodies. There are a lot of great muscular men on the site who really look the part.

The action the guys enjoy varies, with the majority of the videos being solo jack off sessions. Occasionally one of the guys will allow someone else to stroke their cock or suck them, and there are some great mutual masturbation videos where the guys stroke each other for the first time and make each other cum. Every now and then you’ll see a few of the guys get together for a group jerk off session, or a couple of the guys will suck each other off. Very rarely you’ll see a couple of their guys try anal, usually starting out with some toys before they go all the way.

The raw and genuine nature of the guys and the videos is one of the highlights. You get to hear some great experiences from the guys which kind of explains why they’re there. For instance, one of the guys got some head from another dude a while back and it got him a little curious about what it would be like to 69 with another guy…

At time of writing members have access to 553 videos on the site, with weekly updates arriving and a lot of new faces regularly appearing. Videos can be downloaded or streamed in three sizes, with the largest being 1280×720. Some of the older videos are of lower quality but they’re still watchable. I could watch everything on all my devices with no problems at all.

There’s no DRM with these videos either, so once you download them you own them for as long as you like.

Members can check out some galleries of the guys and each video comes with a selection of screencaps to give you a better idea of what you’re gonna get with the video. Images can be downloaded individually or you can get a zip file. There’s also a slideshow option for hands-free viewing on the site.

Bonus Content:

One of the best things about joining Straight Off Base is that members get access to the full My Straight Buddy site too. This is a rawer version of the same kind of military play but with a more amateur feel to it, with the same kind of straight military men having fun together. There’s a lot of jerking off, fooling around, naked wrestling, toy play, mutual jerking, cock sucking and even fucking. If you can imagine that Straight Off Base is the professional gay porn site with straight military men getting their cocks out for a shoot, then My Straight Buddy is a kind of “behind the scenes” site where the guys down some beers and get a little more into it with each other.

There’s also a VOD site members have access to, with 32 DVD’s that rotate regularly and are all in the same kind of theme.


There aren’t many. Perhaps the main one is that the site seems quite old and outdated. There’s a specific kind of modern format we’ve seen spread through the gay porn business over the last few years but Straight Off Base has refused to comply with that, instead preferring to maintain that amateur feel you might expect from a website of more than a decade ago.

There’s also very little information about the guys appearing. When you click on their page you get a listing of the videos and galleries they’ve appeared in, but no basic information about them. There’s a lot of this information scattered through the descriptions of their videos, so I’m not sure why they haven’t distilled that down for a model bio page – it would be good to know their basic stats, their personal experiences with gay sex, or a comment from them etc.

In conclusion:

I love seeing straight guys getting their cocks out and having fun with each other, and I love military men too, so as you can imagine I love this site. The fact that members get access to My Straight Buddy too, and that this has just started up again delivering great real amateur straight guy content is a real highlight.

The guys are hot, the action is great, watching these straight men exploring things on video is awesome and the price for what you get is a great deal too.

I would recommend Straight Off Base for anyone who loves straight guys exploring, great jerk off content, military themes and all the bonus action with marines and sailors etc fooling around and getting down to some drunken fun on the bonus site.