Danali Yukon is a straight but easygoing hunk, and he’s a little curious too!

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Video title: Big Man Danali Works His Meat

Run time: 15:00

Starring: Danali Yukon

Source: Straight Naked Thugs

I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say you’ve probably met at least one straight guy like Danali. I know I’ve met a few men like him, the open-minded or exhibitionist type who’s only down for certain things but it’s precious about his dick.

This 29-year-old is a confident man, handsome, a show off, the kind of guy who probably wouldn’t think twice about watching porn with a buddy and getting that cock out for a good long jack off.

Danali Yukon is happy to get his cock out
Just chilling and jacking off
You’d gobble that cock for him
A good position for some head
Danali gets into his cock stroking
Finally getting that cum pumping
A job well done

How far would he go? He says he’s curious about things, but I get the feeling he’s probably one of those men who thinks about jacking off another dude and sharing a mutual bate, and maybe trying a little cock sucking too, but that’s probably his limit.

To be honest, I think most guys are like that, even if they never admit it. We all like jacking off, and we all like the look of a good dick (if not, explain why so much straight porn focuses on the cock and cum shot!)

After watching him enjoying his hard meat for his debut and knowing he’s open-minded, I’m really hoping they bring him back for one of their group jack off parties at least. I think he’d have a great time getting that cock out with some of their other straight lads and seeing all those dicks splashing cream.

Go and watch his video. If he gets enough interest they’ll have to invite him back for another visit!

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