Sean Cody Review

No doubt, Sean Cody is one of the most famous names in the gay porn business, after years of producing top quality content with some of the hottest new arrivals to the modeling business. I’ve been a fan of theirs since they were making jerk off contest videos with college-aged straight guys and convincing some really hot jocks to try sucking cock and fucking around with other guys. These days they’re less about the amateur theme and more about delivering awesome bareback sex with exclusive models.

There are 1,136 models listed at the time of writing this review, but they’re adding new performers every week. Their guys are mostly in the 18-30 age bracket, but they do occasionally bring in a really hot older guy here or there if they have what it takes to deliver some good scenes. While not every new arrival ends up sucking cock, fucking other guys or getting fucked, the majority of their performers over the years have been straight when they arrived for a jerk off, but progressed to at least fucking other guys.

top gay porn models at sean cody
SeanCody features all kinds of guys, from the occasional lean twink to the straight muscle daddy

The majority of their performers are gym-buff and sporty men with various levels of experience with other guys. Some are gay and experienced, but most identify as straight and have no little or no experience with other men before their first duo.

When the guys arrive they usually start with a solo jerk off performance. This often includes a short interview where we find out a little about them, their experience with other guys and what they like to do in the bedroom. These solo videos sometimes include the use of toys, they’re well filmed, with various positions and poses enjoyed, and most of the time include two sessions to give the fans two cum shots.

When the performers come back to experience sex with another guy on camera for the first time the usual format is followed, with the guys being sucked and fucking a more experienced performer. Sometimes the new guy will jerk their new friend off or suck his cock, but as a lot of these guys are straight and learning to enjoy sex with men for the first time there is a lot of emphasis on them being serviced and shown what to do. These videos are mostly bareback these days, while in older scenes condoms are used most of the time.

At time of writing there are 2,423 exclusive videos on the site for members to watch, with several new videos arriving every week.  Videos are DRM-free and can be streamed on the site in 1036×584 resolution. Older scenes are understandably lower quality but still worth watching. All new videos come with a photo gallery, allowing you to see some of the action before hitting play if you prefer to do that and know what you’re getting. Newer shoots are high quality, but the further back you go the grainier and more amateur they look. Although there are no slideshows or zip files to download, you can of course download individual pics.

Sadly, and perhaps stupidly, you can’t download videos these days without paying extra. I get that a lot of users are more about the online content and a lot of guys will be watching on their phones, but it would be nice to have the option to download videos as part of your membership. Sean Cody is by no means the only site going down the streaming only option, but at least they’re offering the chance to buy a video you really like and want to own for future enjoyment.

In conclusion:

I love watching straight guys in gay porn, so it stands to reason that I would enjoy this site and the guys appearing there. I was a fan years ago when they had college guys sucking cock for the first time and having jerk off contests, but things have definitely evolved since then. They do have some of the hottest men in the business getting their cocks out for some fun with each other and the action is always amazing. They might be amateur guys just exploring things, but plenty of these men are delivered in a way that really shows them having fun and exploring. There are some real personalities there, like Dennis the cum gusher who loves to ram other guys and get mean when he’s topping. There are a few men here who I would follow to other sites if they left.

With so much action there to watch already you’re guaranteed to never get bored with it. There’s no way a guy could sign up there today and watch even half of what they’ve produced, considering there are so many new videos and new guys being added every month. This is one of those gay porn sites where you’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the kinds of guys you get to watch and the kind of action they enjoy.