My Straight Buddy Review

The My Straight Buddy site is one of the hottest for military guys, straight men fooling around, and genuine content with a horny amateur feel to it that you rarely see done with such honesty. Now it’s back in business after a few years away, we’re eager to see more of their guys getting their dicks out and having some amateur fun together.

The thing you need to know about this site is that it’s all real. There’s a kind of knee-jerk belief that all porn is faked these days and when you see guys labelled as being “straight marines” you kind of expect that you’re gonna see them on another site in a week as something completely different. But with My Straight Buddy it’s all genuine.

These are real marines on a break and looking to get off, have a few beers, enjoy their dicks and shoot their loads, often with their buddies and often getting a little more daring than most straight guys would.

How do we know it’s real? Because four years ago the site was forced to shut down when the scandal broke and a bunch of their genuine military guys were exposed and investigated by their superiors for all the antics they were seen getting up to on video.

For four years the site was sitting pretty much dormant, with occasional new videos arriving using content shot years before that never made it to the site for one reason or another. But, now that things have calmed down a little they’re back, and with new methods of hiding the identities of the men enjoying themselves and each other on video. We’re told by the guys who run the site that the pace will be picking up again there as they find more new military guys to get their dicks out for some fun, but they need to see support for the site to help them along – so get clicking through to take a look around.

So, what do the guys do there? It’s basically your typical straight guy fun – buddy jerk off sessions, naked wrestling, cum shooting contests, toy fucking, porn watching… the kinds of things you know horny marines probably get down to with each other when their superiors aren’t watching. Some of their guys have gone a lot further of course.

The straight military men of My Straight Buddy enjoy all kinds of antics together

The guys of the My Straight Buddy site are all in the military, straight and horny, a little rough and mean looking as you might expect. They’re typical straight and confident men who don’t have a problem getting their dicks out for the cameras and having some fun, showing off for each other, having a few beers and rubbing their meat. Of course, a few of them have discovered the fun of exploring sex with other guys over their time there, jerking each other off, sucking cock and more.

There’s a lot of toy play with the guys, using fleshlights on their dicks or fucking fake vaginas and things like that, but a few of them are into grabbing their buddy by the cock and jerking him off, or sucking each other. A few of their guys have even fucked. Their revival video (published in November 2017) features one of their muscled Marines getting his cock sucked, his hole rimmed and then tasting a dick for the first time as he gives his buddy head.

There are currently 173 videos on the site, with various themes such as jerking off, hand jobs, drunken games, contests, toy play, sucking and fucking. Most of the videos are delivered in MP4 format and in three sizes, the largest being 1280×720. You can stream each video too if you prefer, with the same three sizes available. It’s all DRM free so once you’ve downloaded them you’ll still be able to watch them if your membership expires. There are some older videos can only be downloaded and in a lower quality, but this is basically the same with every site of this age.

There are no galleries to speak of but you do get a selection of stills from each video on the page giving you an idea of what you can expect.

As My Straight Buddy is operated by the same team who run Straight Off Base, you get access to everything under the one single membership. It might seem a little confusing when you’re signing up for My Straight Buddy but you’re redirected to Straight Off Base, but rest assured you get access to both and can watch and download all the content across these military themed sites.

Straight Off Base has been continuing to operate throughout the last few years as something of a back up site, still delivering hot and horny straight military guys, but mostly in more professionally styled videos. The best way to explain it is that Straight Off Base is more mainstream in their style of filming, with marines jerking off, getting hand jobs and fooling around with each other, while My Straight Buddy is kind of like a Behind The Scenes, amateur style, with the same kinds of men just chilling out and having a good time with each other.


Aside from being absent for four years, there’s really not a whole lot to complain about. Perhaps the only thing that will grab your attention and make you wince while watching is some of the language and attitudes of the guys. These men are pretty stereotypical, they’re a bit homophobic in their language with each other, there’s a lot of bravado and playing down of how good if feels when a buddy grabs their cock and jerks them off. For some it just adds more realism and shows that these guys are straight Marines and they are doing this for money (but you know they’re still enjoying it) while others might find it a turn-off. You might just want to mute some of the talking.

In conclusion:

The My Straight Buddy site is pretty unique in the way they deliver their content. They’re amateur in the best way. While a lot of sites tend to be over-produced and little over-the-top, you can tell these guys are for real. It really is as though they’re just making home videos with a bunch of horny straight guys getting their dicks out with each other and becoming a little daring in their games.

The scandal a few years ago really took a toll on the content they were making and I believe they’ve fixed that and will be producing a lot more content with the identities of their performers obscured. They do this already with a lot of the guys on the Straight Off Base site and it seems to work.

There’s a lot of content there to enjoy already, and of course access to the Straight Off Base site with their regular updates is an excellent addition. But, we’re all looking forward to seeing a lot more videos from the My Straight Buddy site, with a lot more of their straight guys jerking off together, rubbing cocks, fucking toys, sucking each other and blowing their loads on their down-time.

I can’t wait to see what they deliver.