Maskurbate Review

Created by Montreal native Pascal, the Maskurbate site began in 2006 when Pascal invited a handsome Asian hunk back to his place to appear in a jack off video, just as I’m sure most of you have at some time, right?

The model (Tiger) agreed to do it but only if he could maintain his anonymity by wearing a mask. Pascal agreed, and Maskurbate was born. The core mission of the site from that moment on was to bring in some of the hottest and hunkiest performers and allow them to show off while disguising their identity. Although this theme has loosened somewhat over the years, the site still manages to find some of the hottest straight hunks to perform for their fans, often wearing a mask but sometimes without.

Not every dude there is straight, though, but I’ll get to that.

While they have a great selection of men to enjoy, the majority are well-built hunks, exotic dancers and the kinds of men you might see at the gym proudly showing off their meat and swinging their dick around in the showers. Come on, you all know the type, they know what they’ve got and they like it makes you hard!

They’re usually smooth, muscular and well hung, and being Canadian almost all of their men are uncut. We all love uncut cocks, be honest.

Most of their performers are straight, but several have gone further than a solo jack off and allowed Pascal and others to give them hand jobs, suck them off, sometimes even leading to anal sex for a small number of their guys. You won’t be seeing these straight men going from jerking off to getting fucked, like so many other “straight guy” sites out there, but you will see them being serviced in most instances.

At time of writing there are 128 handsome hunks on the Maskurbate site. Mostly straight, muscled, hung and uncut.

Not all of the performers are entirely heterosexual, or unknown. Familiar names can sometimes be found enjoying themselves and each other on the site, including Manuel Deboxer, Brandon Jones, Pierre Fitch and Darius Ferdynand, all of whom are quite well-known performers appearing for several sites around the world at different times. You’ll know at least a couple of them by sight if not by name.

For the majority of their new unknown arrivals their career on the site starts with a solo masturbation shoot, but many of them then return to enjoy a toy, or to be jerked off or sucked by Pascal, who is always unmasked. Another performer will occasionally arrive to service the men, examples being Manuel Deboxer or a mysterious man named Fook, who has an incredible cock.

In the beginning the theme and setting was a simple one; guys coming in to be paid to jerk off or be serviced in a living room or bedroom. In recent years the site has branched out into more elaborate themes and settings, with something of a pretext for starting the fun such as a dare or a prank being performed, leading to the star of the video getting his cock out. New settings recently have included a sex shop and a storage facility – yeah, odd.

SHOCK! The site briefly took a turn into straight porn in early-mid 2017, primarily due to straight performer Angelo Godshack (aka Ennio Guardi), but this seems to have been a failed experiment with many fans around the world uninterested in seeing their guys engaging with women. Although two out of three of these videos got more likes than dislikes, it really doesn’t seem to work on this site.

You get the impression this was perhaps demanded by Angelo, and while he is incredibly gorgeous and has an amazing cock, he’s not so great that a site should suddenly start switching teams just to get his dick on video – there are other men out there.

Now for the techie stuff.

Maskurbate currently offers 336 exclusive videos, all DRM-free, with anew video arriving weekly. While older videos are lower quality and offered in three sizes, the largest being 720×540, all new scenes are delivered in HD at 1920×1080. Every video can be downloaded in MP4 format and streamed across all devices.

One of the best things about the Maskubrate site is that they’ve invested well in streaming capability, allowing you to quickly skip forward and back without much delay or buffering. Considering most guys probably don’t download anymore and choose to stream, this is a wise decision.

If you’re interested in galleries, I need to first ask why? Are we seriously still scrolling through galleries on porn sites? If you’re one of those guys you’ll be happy to know that there are currently 323 shoots to look through, with the quality of the newer shoots coming in at 1920×1080, while older shoots are between 450×332 and 720×480. All of these can be downloaded in Zip format, or you can use a slideshow feature. Of course, you can also download individual images for your personal collection.

While you’re here, please leave a comment and tell me why you would be interested in galleries, or downloading Zip files of shoots like this. Honestly, I want to know how many guys do and why. I’m genuinely curious.

It’s not all awesome

Unfortunately, like a lot of sites these days, there’s a pre-checked box on the sign up form which will get you an additional membership to another site that you probably didn’t want. You can simply clear this before continuing, but just be aware that it’s there – then fire off an email and tell them to eat a bag of dicks for trying to trick you.

There’s also a pre-checked box signing you up for the newsletter, so again, you might want to uncheck this before proceeding. You probably won’t be spammed to oblivion, but who reads newsletters these days anyway?

There is a trial membership option which gives you limited access for less, but this is predominantly only a good idea if you want to sample some of the action prior to signing up for a full membership. You probably will be anyway, given that there’s so much there to enjoy.

There are some more personal gripes I have with the site.

They have great guys with great bodies and amazing cocks, but they need to have more interaction between the men. Mutual masturbation between their performers, frotting and sword fighting etc would all be great to see, and presumably it would be easier to convince them into this than what they currently do with Pascal and others, while being incredibly hot to watch. They have some truly amazing men there but they don’t utilize them the way they could/should. It’s great seeing Pascal sucking the cum out of a hung straight jock dude, but if the guy is willing to do that surely he’s more willing to share some cock frotting with another one of the straight guys?

The elaborate themes and stories are also becoming a little tiresome. It’s great to have a theme or a segue into a jack off, but these stories are not done convincingly. For example, a recent video starring new straight jock “Marty” (who is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, btw) started with him unmasked and approached in a parking garage, propositioned for a shoot, and then he said he would only perform wearing a mask. This makes absolutely no sense, he’s already on film without it but then we have to enjoy the rest with the gorgeous man wearing a mask which is now entirely redundant.

And, finally, the straight videos.

Thankfully, there are only three examples of this so far this year, and I think the majority of members are hoping that this is all there will be. It would be slightly more forgivable if these were bonus scenes rather than taking the place of the regular weekly update, or even delivered through an entirely new site where members could expect that, but this wasn’t the case. As other (perhaps former?) members pointed out, they paid for a GAY PORN site, with MEN enjoying themselves and each other, so replacing that one weekly update with something the majority probably have absolutely no interest in watching is simply not going to work.

It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering sausage, and getting fish.

Sorry, that was lame I know.

It seems they’ve learned from this mistake, the last video featuring women was on May 30th 2017 (at time of writing), with a MMF threesome starring Angelo Godshack, Vinna Reed and Naomi Bennet.

In conclusion

The Maskurbate site is a great one for fans of masturbation, hand jobs and cock sucking with straight men. If you love big uncut dicks on muscled straight guys who occasionally share their cock with Pascal or one of the other gay performers then you’ll love the site.

They have some truly remarkable men, guys you won’t see anywhere else. Their videos are mostly amazing, with the exception of the straight videos mentioned and some problems with storytelling.

I do think they need to get back to their roots and deliver what they’ve been known for over the past ten years. Their move to the Next Door network seems to have watered this down over the last year and it’s slightly disappointing to see.

As mentioned, they really need to start giving their performers some time together on screen, sharing masturbation with each other. I could be wrong, but the majority of members sign up there to see hung straight men jerking off and being pleasured by other guys, so it only seems to make sense that they give their straight men the opportunity to explore with each other in some mild and playful mutual cock fun.

In the end it’s a great site worth being a member of, despite my gripes and some of the complaints. The men are amazing and fans of masturbation, muscle, straight guys and big uncut dicks will no doubt love it.


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