Joshua Armstrong Review

British muscle hunk Joshua Armstrong describes himself as an “IT consultant by day, muscle god by night.” We definitely prefer the latter. I know some IT guys and he really doesn’t fit that stereotype at all.

This massive British hunk is a bodybuilder with all the confidence, arrogance and sexiness you would want in a man like him, and he isn’t afraid to show it all in his amazing solo masturbation videos.

He’s the kind of big muscle man you see at the gym and instantly pop a boner, thinking about the kind of fun you could have with him. You would be bruised and aching after a good time in this guy’s bedroom, but you wouldn’t care.

One of the best things about Joshua is his penchant for being a cocky and extremely horny talker in his scenes. Sure, we love seeing him oiling up that massive body and flexing his muscles for us, but the way he gets so into his fantasies and fetishes and starts talking about you as if you’re there and stroking your cock in front of him is so fucking hot you wouldn’t believe.

I actually know of one guy who wanks off just listening throughout most of Joshua’s videos. His accent (Northern English) is damn hot, and the things he talks about and the way he brings you into it is amazing.

Muscle man Joshua performs in solo videos with varied themes and fetishes

He knows that most of his fans are into muscle worship and he really plays on that “alpha male” theme. He goes further than that with his willingness to perform specific fantasies and themes for his members and fans. I think it costs a little more to get a bespoke video, but if you have something real horny you would love to see him enacting in front of his camera he’s willing to give it a try and perform something special.

While a lot of other muscle men out there are only willing to flex their muscles and put on a worship show, Joshua is not afraid to get his cock out and deliver the goods, and he does it in spectacular style.

He has almost 8-inches of cut cock that gets so hard and throbbing you imagine it could cut steel. Genuinely, his dick is incredible, with a big rounded and swollen red tip and a pale and pink shaft that almost vibrates with stiffness when he’s swinging it around and getting it drenched in oil for a good long edging wank.

When he finally takes himself to climax it’s usually a pretty spectacular finish. Joshua is the kind of man who knows how to pleasure his own dick and take himself to an incredible climax, often squirting out big ropes of hot white muscle man cum all over himself, over a toy, over a mirror… and sometimes he licks up his own goo too!

Members currently have just over 500 great videos to stream with new arrivals every week. While some of the older videos are lower quality and purely muscle worship (no cock or cum) the vast majority are full-on wank shows with creamy completion. With MP4 format and playing at 700×406, the quality on all new content is great.

Videos can be downloaded, but this costs more, with each scene priced higher than a monthly membership. While some might think this is unfair, it’s true that the majority only stream content these days, and Joshua works hard to prevent theft and piracy of his content – understandably so.

While older videos run for between 10 and 15 minutes, newer scenes are almost double in many instances.

Videos come with galleries on every page, revealed when you click the main image at the top. While these galleries are a good way to see what you might get in the video, the images are pretty small, and of course they’re censored too, like the trailers. You only get between 5 and 10 images per video.

Bespoke videos:

One of the most impressive things Joshua does is allowing his members to come up with their own themes for a video. Obviously, it costs money, but members can ask Joshua to create a scenario, involve a fetish or theme, or even dress up for a special video they requested. So, if you have any fetishes for muscled military men ordering you to wank off for him and edge your cock with him, you’re in luck and it will just cost you a little cash up-front to see Joshua playing that role.


There are criticisms, of course, there always is.

I think the design of the site needs some work. While it’s easy to navigate I do think the average viewer has become accustomed to how a porn site should look, and many might be put off by the more amateur style when compared to the sites they usually use. It doesn’t impact on the user experience when you’re a member, but I do think it’s overdue a redesign to be more in-tune with expectations.

One of the biggest criticisms I have is that there are no duo scenes at all that I can find. Considering Joshua is so into masturbation I find it odd that he doesn’t have any friends willing to play a secondary role. They could be masked to hide their identity and perform as the dominating captor or the submissive captive in many of the masturbation and edging scenes, sticking to the theme of the shoot.

Considering many of the videos fit the no-contact worship/admiration fantasy (for example, a straight man hypnotized into jerking off) it would presumably be quite easy to have a duo without any physical interaction between them. I would be surprised if there aren’t at least one or two equally muscled men he knows from the gym or competitive circuit who would enjoy performing, even anonymously.

In conclusion:

While it’s one of the more expensive sites I’ve seen for the kind of solo content you get, it’s obvious that Joshua puts a lot of work into what he does, and he really loves it. You can genuinely see that he’s enjoying himself, his cock gets so hard and when he lets loose he really delivers.

I love the themes and the fetishes he includes in his videos, like when he plays the role of the electrician coming to fix something and noticing that you’re turned on, or the military guy being interrogated and made to cum for his captor.

He’s not always the alpha male character and sometimes he likes to be the submissive one being controlled and made to ejaculate for you. This is especially great for those who have a fantasy of dominating a bigger guy and making him their bitch (we would all love to do that to Joshua!)

I do think he needs to find someone else of equal strength and power to bring in for some shared wanking sessions in some of the themed videos. It just seems to me that he probably knows a few guys like him who would be into it, and that could only add to the horniness of a video when the theme is all about seducing another man with his muscles and making him wank.

Joshua is a great performer with an amazing body, a great cock, excellent skills and a wild imagination, and he’s most definitely worth watching if you appreciate verbal action, muscle worship and excellent wank sessions.