Gay massage sex with Casey Jacks and Alexander Muller

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Video title: Buddy System

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Starring: Casey Jacks, Alexander Muller


I know this theme and story line is as old as porn itself, but I think it’s still hot and still worth sharing on the blog for you guys to enjoy. Alexander Muller is the fit young man attending a massage appointment and Casey Jacks is understandably horny for the guy when he sees him naked on the table. You can guess where this is all going, right?

It seems Casey has pretty magical hands, because within short time his wish is coming true and Alexander is revealing an incredible thick length of uncut cock for the dude to stroke and suck, a task he gets started on the moment he sees it.

Understandably it doesn’t end there and his own cock is soon being deliciously pleasured by the shaggy-haired customer, leaking precum into his mouth while those lips and tongue do their work.

With both guys wet with spit and precum it’s time for a little rimming and the ultimate in anal slamming, with Alexander easing into his new buddy and fucking him right there on the table. It’s amazing that this flimsily looking platform can hold both of them up while they go at it, but it somehow maintains its support while Alexander pounds his pal in every position they can manage, before Casey is blasted with both their splashing cum loads at the same time!


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