We’re teaming up with BlokeToys adult shop, here’s why

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We’ve been promoting the BlokeToys sex shop on the blog for a while now, just with ads here and there, but when Robbie reached out to us again and asked if we would be interested in reviewing some of their products in some posts I was eager to get started.

I need to point out why we’re willing to do this while other bloggers in gay porn might not…

I love toys. I love a good wank with a great new sleeve, I love sharing toys with other guys in some horny cock play, and I get off on trying new products and enjoying new experiences. Porn and toys go hand-in-hand pretty well, if you’ll excuse the pun!

While there are a lot of shops out there not many actually engage with the audience like this. Most just put ads up on blogs or go to the same group of toy reviewers running their own sites. So, when they asked me if I would be down for combining porn and their toys here in some posts I was down for it.

I’m pretty good friends with the guys at BlokeToys, I know them quite well and I know what their values are and how they think about their business.

I’ve bought products from them before and always had a great experience with them. I’ve asked questions about some of their products and always had a quick response. I love the massive range they have,  the way they deal with customers, the prices and the style of their shop – being all about guys, not about sexuality.

One of the other big reasons I jumped at this opportunity (aside from getting free products!) is that the guys at BlokeToys understand the value of honesty in their product reviews. There are a lot of “reviewers” out there who are anything but. They’ll sell the product to you with entirely false information and they do it to keep their sponsors happy.

When I told Robbie that I would be brutally honest about anything they sent to me he agreed that this is what they want. They’re not looking for fluff pieces about how great everything is and how every guy needs one, they want me to be honest about the good and the bad.

“I would rather we have an honest review about a bad product and still have that customer come to us in the future, than misrepresent a product and disappointing them, likely losing them as a customer” – Robbie, BlokeToys.

So, here’s the deal… they’ll occasionally send me a product and I’ll try it out solo or with a buddy, I’ll write an honest review about it with a link to the product on their site.

Rest assured, every review of a product we post to this site will be honest. If something is rubbish, we’ll tell you it’s rubbish. If it’s great, you can trust us when we say it’s great.

They’re not paying PrimeGayVideo for fake posts about their products, they’re sending me selective items (or sometimes things I want to try) and I’m giving them an honest opinion.

I hope you enjoy my reviews of whatever they send me and I hope you’ll consider visiting the BlokeToys sex shop if you’re even in need of something to liven up your sex life.

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