Check out new straight jock Hudson Scott splashing cum for the guys

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Video title: Straight Hunk Hudson Scott Shows his Ripped Body and Wanks his Big Cock and Fires Cum!

Run time: 31:00

Starring: Hudson Scott

Source: EnglishLads | SITE REVIEW

I have been waiting for this solo jerk off video ever since I saw this handsome face starring at me from the main page when their gallery arrived. He’s a gorgeous man, straight but apparently a little more daring than most, with an amazing body and a great uncut cock that I don’t think any of you would say no to if you had the chance to enjoy it.

Check out some of his pics and make sure you click the link either above or below to watch him.

As I mentioned in the gallery post a little while ago, I think we’re gonna be seeing this handsome straight man enjoying a little fun with some of the other guys in the next few months. I’m even more certain of that now that we’ve seen the video and heard him talking about being naked around his mates all the time.

I don’t know if he’s ever wanked out any loads with a buddy but he’s definitely got a habit of getting his cock out with his friends. He’s apparently told a few of them about jerking off on video too, and some of them are eager to come and perform for the fans.

Will we get to see him frotting that uncut cock with one of the other lads? Will one of those other lads be Tom Lawson? That really needs to happen, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

For now we can enjoy the sight of him showing off that fine body, wanking his long and pink cock and showing off his virgin ass, then splashing a big load of cum out and hitting his shoulder. You’re gonna love hearing him say at the end that next time he’s gonna try and splash himself in the face with his cum load 🙂


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