Straight jock Harry Mallinder has a big cum shot to splash up his body!

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Video title: Muscular Straight Hunk Harry Mallinder Shows off his Ripped Body and Big Uncut Cock!

Run time: 45:00

Starring: Harry Mallinder

Source: EnglishLads | SITE REVIEW

When we saw his first photo shoot (which we’ll no doubt get a “bonus” video from in the future) I knew Harry Mallinder was going to be an interesting lad to watch. He’s back for his first stroke session on video and he’s come prepared, with a good load of cum in that uncut cock needing to be splashed. He’s a big cummer, apparently, but I wonder how much of that is down to him really getting off on showing the lads his cock.

He’s not the most talkative guy and he’s pretty much emotionless throughout his experience, but he’s damn horny and needs to get off, and he really seems to enjoy you watching him wanking that cock and sliding that perfect hood up and down over his swollen bell end!

As you probably know already, they seem to get most of their guys from the gym. In this case Harry is a personal trainer who loves working out, playing Rugby and swimming. Is that why he’s so comfortable getting his 7.5-inch uncut cock out in front of other guys? He’s definitely not shy about it and from the moment he’s slipping down his boxers his pink dick is thickening up and throbbing, ready to be stroked.

I get the impression he’s one of those guys who likes being on display and I can totally imagine that if he caught another lad wanking one out in the gym showers he’d stick around and watch the show while working the cream from his own cock. He might be straight but there’s definitely that feel of the exhibitionist about him.

He’s an avid wanker, of course. He used to jerk off 6 or 7 times a day. Something about sporty and active guys like him makes them super horny almost all the time and guess it has something to do with testosterone.

Before he’s even shot his load in this jerk off video he’s suggesting he would like to come back for more and wouldn’t mind having another guy giving him a massage and wanking that dick for him.

He finishes really well too. He’s not a frantic cock stroker, he takes his time and really works his dick, enjoying a steady pace while he slips his foreskin over his swollen tip again and again until cum eventually leaps out of his cock and splashes all the way up to his neck, decorating his big chest and tight abs with hot white cock juice.

He’s happy with the result at the end and he’s even offered a bonus if he can managed to shoot himself in the face with his cum next time 🙂

Will we see him back to share that cock with another lad in a frotting and mutual wanking session like so many of their other straight lads? I can almost guarantee it.


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