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Featured: Rugby player Tom Lawson (left) with Jarvis Knight.

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Horny straight guys getting their uncut cocks out with each other and having a whole lot of fun as they learn how to enjoy another guy’s cock, mouth and ass… what could be hotter?

The English Lads site is one of the most popular in the world, especially with fans of straight guys and uncut cocks. If you don’t like seeing uncut British straight guys getting their dicks out and exploring things before shooting off big splashing loads, then, frankly, you’re just wrong.

They’ve been in the business of making amazing porn videos with amateur British guys for more than a decade, introducing us to some incredible performers who went on to make a name for themselves in the US market. If you’ve ever heard of Darius Ferdynand or Paddy O’Brian, you should know that you can see their humble beginnings on the English Lads site.

They started out focusing on British twinks in their initial years, but over time they’ve progressed to being one of the best sources for hunky straight young jocks experiencing sex with other guys for the first time. Their performers are usually aged 18-25, with the majority of their new arrivals starting out with solo masturbation before moving on to sharing mutual cock play, frottage, cock sucking and even anal sex.

Get yo punk ass a membership like the rest of us and stop being a scrub.

Most of their new models arrive to appear in a solo photo shoot initially, before a masturbation video arrives a couple of weeks later. After this a second photo shoot will usually arrive of them being jerked off by another guy for the first time, with a video to follow shortly after, and so on.

While the occasional slim twink arrives, the majority of their performers are athletically built or muscled, often coming from a background in sports or gym training. Indeed, many of their model profiles state that the guy is a footballer, a boxer or a personal trainer.

I have no idea where they get all these buff young straight guys from, but I can only assume they patrol various gyms daily and just throw money at the hottest young men they can find. Nice work if you can get it.

A small selection of the almost 600 performers available to watch. Many of them are athletic, uncut, and identify as heterosexual.

Aside from discovering some very famous names in the gay porn business, they have a long track record of delivering amateur guys who really get into their play with others. While almost all of their guys start out straight and nervous, almost all of them become great performers who clearly enjoy playing with other guy’s cocks.

Yeah, this is one of those sites that seems to work hard in proving us right when we claim all it takes for a straight guy to go a little gay is the feel of another guys dick in his hand. That’s definitely true for a lot of these guys, who get so into their mutual masturbation and cock sucking you can tell they’re trying to hold their load back for as long as they can.

They have some stars there with boundless energy and not a care in the world, having fun exploring things with other guys. I recommend checking out twinky Chris Little, and cheeky lad Ricky Hampton for a couple of the best straight boys who really got into their gay play. Ricky is especially interesting, being a stereotypical London lad who just dives right in and has fun with other guys.

At time of writing there are 1223 HD videos on the site for members to either stream or download. There may be a slight delay for new members before you’re able to download full videos, but this is because English Lads works hard to prevent piracy. After an initial period members are given full access to download all videos and galleries, but you should be warned that they pursue piracy unlike almost any other studio.

Seriously, if the owner Nick could get away with it, he would be out there himself hunting down pirates and stringing them up from Lampposts.

They will ban you if you share even a single photo from the members area. Members like me are more than okay with this, why should we pay for others to steal? Get yo punk ass a membership like the rest of us and stop being a scrub.

Scroll down for more information about potential restrictions on content for new members.

All members can stream all videos from the moment they join.

Streaming comes in WMV, QuickTime, and Flash formats, in various sizes and with a couple of different edits to choose from. I always go for the longer cuts, because you never know what horny glance you might miss when the straight lads grab those dicks and start playing.

Yeah, it’s the subtle things I like in sessions with straight guys swapping cocks.

There are currently 487,000 photos in galleries for each shoot which members can scroll through or download in Zip format. Each gallery has a slideshow option for hands-free viewing of every image in the shoot. If you’re one of those guys who goes through the galleries, the hands-free option is very much appreciated.

If you think you don’t need galleries, you might change your mind with this site. They have some weird schedule where they release a gallery two or sometimes three weeks before the video for that pairing appears. So, if it’s an especially hot one with a couple of straight lads sucking cock for the first time, you’ll probably be beating off to the gallery before the video arrives.

Then, to make things even more confusing, sometimes the video we get is different to the gallery Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the same activity between the guys, but you might get an example where the photo shoot you saw a couple of weeks ago was out on the roof terrace, while the video of the lads sucking each other was shot in the bedroom. I don’t know what the deal is with this, but it’s rare, and it doesn’t really affect the fun at all.

Along with the regular videos, members now have access to “Bonus Videos” also, with several arriving each week. These usually include extra footage cut from the original finished product and can be a lot of fun to see, with comments from the guys and sometimes extra footage from after the cum shots have been fired off.

You know sites can often cut a lot of stuff out of a video to bring it down to the usual 20-30 minutes, and sometimes the content they originally cut can be really hot. It’s worth checking out a bonus release for an original you thought was great, you don’t know what little extras you might get.

You’ll also find random extra videos thrown in now and then, with solo jerk off sessions filmed by the boys themselves, at home or outside. These are very occasional, but they add something a little extra for fans of specific guys.

The site itself has a simple design with searchable options depending on what kinds of physical attributes you’re looking for or time of arrival for a particular model etc. Members can rate and comment on the videos and give their opinions about the guys. Each gallery or video page links to the model so you can easily see what shoots and videos they have been in.


Okay, here’s the tricky stuff that’s likely to send half of you into a rage of indignant defiance.

In order to combat theft of content English Lads only allows new members to download videos and gallery zip files after 30 days of being there. Once you’ve been a member for 30 days you can download videos and galleries. You can stream all content and click through galleries on the site from the start of your membership.

I know, you think this is a rip-off, but you’ve been told before signing up so don’t be bitching that you weren’t aware of it. And, to be honest, who downloads videos that often these days? Most of you stream anyway so it shouldn’t matter. Even if you do download, there is more than enough on the site to justify being a member for more than a month. Trust me on this, they aren’t still growing after more than ten years because they’re somehow failing at life.

They know what they’re doing.

In addition to this, larger format videos (the highest quality) and model home videos (shot by the performers themselves) can only be downloaded for you to keep after 120 days of membership.

It should be noted that these restrictions can be changed over time.

In conclusion:

English Lads is one of the best sites in the world for fans of straight guys, amateur performers, mutual masturbation, frottage, uncut cocks and sporty jocks. No other site does what they do and no other site does it so well. They’ve managed to keep that amateur edge, they’ve kept up with some truly gorgeous new straight guys, and they seem to only be getting better.

With so many performers over so many years, with more than a thousand great videos, there is always something new there for the members to enjoy. Their schedule over the last year has increased dramatically, with more new performers arriving seemingly every week and new videos arriving at least every other day.

If you’ve never been there and checked it out, it’s worth a look.

And, remember, it’s pointless going to look for pirated English Lads videos, they police their content with the kind of dedication all studios should and because of their hard work in doing this they are still going strong, and only getting better.


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