Chaos Men Review

If you love jocks and straight men getting their freak on and enjoying some man-on-man action (who in their right mind doesn’t love watching that?) then the Chaos Men site is for you. In operation since 2009, the site has a great history of bringing us some of the sexiest amateur men and basically making them into porn stars. So many of their guys have never done anything with another man before, and that’s what makes their videos something special.

Although you do get the occasional gay or bi guy getting his cock out and having some fun with some of the other guys there, the vast majority are amateur straight men. As you might expect from a site that recruits so many inexperienced straight guys, they start out easy with some solo cock stroking, using their familiar bedroom set to let the guy go wild with his own cock and put on a great show. Most of their performers then return to have their cock sucked or stroked for them in either a massage scene or a serviced video, occasionally being daring enough to grab another dick or suck some cock themselves.

This often leads to them returning for more, with 69 sucking and bareback fucking, usually with them topping. More often than not, these performers come back for more after this experience, sometimes bottoming for the first time.

Ultimately, most of their guys progress to topping and bottoming, and almost all of them at least share mutual sucking with another man and clearly enjoy themselves.

They have all kinds of guys appearing, but most are in their 20’s and 30’s, and most have a toned and tight body. As they’re mainly an amateur straight guy site, you can expect to see rugged men with some ink. These are the kinds of guys you might see at the gym, or working at your local garage, but while you might get the occasional dud who seems to only be there because he’s got a long cock, most are porn-star quality the moment they walk through the door.

Chaos Men features more than 700 models, mostly straight and amateur.

It has to be said that sometimes a new guy will only appear in a solo, or only come back to get their cock stroked and sucked by another guy before disappearing, but the majority of their guys stick around for a lot more than that and we get to see them exploring full-on hardcore sex with other guys – bottom and top in some cases. It can be frustrating when a great new performer arrives and gets you hooked, only for that to be their only appearance on the site, but thankfully this is pretty rare and they manage to convince the majority of their men to at least share their cock with another performer in a sucking session, or topping.

The Chaos Men site is one of the most active when it comes to updates and a back catalog of hardcore porn for members to stream and download. At time of writing, members have access to more than 1,900 videos with everything from jerking off to orgies. Every video comes with a gallery you can enjoy on the site or by downloading a zip file. You can choose between professional still shots or check out some screencaps to get a better feel for what you’re gonna watch. I don’t know how many guys out there bother with galleries these days, but I do tend to check them out just to see what kind of action I’m gonna get in the video.

Something a little extra that they do is give us GIFs of the action too. I’m not sure that any other site out there does this. While they’re pretty good I can’t really see what purpose they serve. If you know, please leave a comment and tell me!

Video download format is in MP4 and WMV, with 1920×1080 for the newest MP4 versions and 1024×576 for WMV, with smaller options available. Obviously, some of the older scenes will be of lower quality, but this is to be expected. All the videos are still great quality.

From my experience everything works seamlessly on every device. I checked out streaming and downloads, and tried the site on my desktop, mobile and tablet without experiencing any issues at all.

Bonus content

Yeah, some sites still offer bonus content in the traditional way some older readers might be familiar with! Chaos Men offers members access to 14 AEBN video feeds with some well-suited themes from cock swallowing to military men. These feeds have four DVD releases in each theme and rotate monthly so you’re always getting something fresh and new. It’s actually a pretty good bonus, but I have to say that I think it’s a bit of a wasted effort considering there’s already so much great action with great guys on the site.

Honestly, if you can’t find something new and worth watching produced by them over the last nine years, I’m not sure anything is going to satisfy your appetite.

In conclusion:

Being a big fan of straight guys, muscle, jocks, amateurs etc, the Chaos Men site is one of the best. With so many new guys appearing all the time and three updates every week they know how to keep guys like me entertained and coming back for more.

The back catalog of videos already on the site is enough to keep me interested when a new video arrives that fails to grab my attention. Some of the themes they’ve given us over the years have been amazing too, with the Edge and G:Hole styles being two of my favorites.

It’s affordable, too. Considering the amount of amazing hardcore you get and the guys they have, with so many new updates and new hunks coming in to shoot their first video, there’s no chance that you’re ever going to feel like you’re being robbed or conned.

Would I recommend Chaos Men? Absolutely.