Nov 13

Straight Hunk Paddy O’Brian Fucks Will Helm

Paddy O’Brian has really become an immense star since he first started out, and you can see why when you take a look at this hardcore muscle on muscle session with Will Helm from the UK Naked Men site. The guys on that site call this Paddy O’Brian’s hottest scene yet, and I have to say that I think I might agree!

If you don’t know much about this hot British hunk then perhaps I should enlighten you a little? He started out as a straight guy stroking his thick cut cock on one British site, but then started to get a little more experimental. I suppose the money and the fame did a lot, because he soon found himself being head-hunted by some of the biggest names in the gay porn business.

Before I knew what the hell happened, Paddy O’Brian was fucking guys and feeding them his fat British cock, and seemingly loving it too!

Will Helm is a perfect parter for the muscled straight hunk in this prison themed shoot, feeding the guard his girthy tool before sliding it into the ripped hunks ass and fucking the cum out of him!

It really is a hot session, but I do have one criticism; Paddy O’Brian is straight, and that means he only goes so far. But I have to think about how that makes him even hotter to watch. Knowing he’s straight, but gets off on fucking guys and feeding them that now famous thick cock is a lot of the appeal. If the guy started sucking guys off and offering them his virgin straight hole would he still be as hot as he is?

Either way, real Paddy O’Brian fans will love this ass slamming he gives Will Helm. The guy is such a lucky fucker getting to ride that thick British dick!

[cincopa AkLAFAbKIt6u]

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