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Sven Laarson & Xander Hollis in an awesome gay uniform sex scene – bareback!

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Video title: Army Officer, Sven Laarson, Gets A Proper Milking From Horny Farmhand, Xander Hollis! HD

It’s a classic scene, but it’s one of my faves and it used to be here a while ago. So, of course, I want to get this gay uniform sex scene back on here with gorgeous boys Xander Hollis and Sven Laarson sharing some awesome bareback twink sex in the stables!

The theme for this one is pretty hot, as well as the setting, but I think it’s mostly about the sight of gorgeous boy Sven in a military uniform. I admit it, I have a soft spot (or rather a very hard one) of a guy in uniform, and this handsome and lean young man totally does it for me.

Farm boy Xander is working hard when he encounters military lad Sven, finding each other in the stables and wasting little time in getting their young uncut cocks out for some fun. I’m not sure that this is how such a thing would go in real life, presumably there’s a war on somewhere and I suspect these guys might have other more pressing matters to be concerned about, but hey I’m no porn writer so what the fuck do I know?

Needless to say the boys are hungry for it, getting those big cocks out and instantly slurping every inch as they feast on those boners. Admit it, you would be just as eager with either of these lovely young men.

And so begins a session of mutual stroking, sucking, hole licking and deep bareback fucking as officer Sven eases his rather impressive uncut shaft into that boy’s tight little pucker and proceeds to give him the banging he so clearly deserved.

With his dick firmly wedged up that hole Sven pounds that rump in every position, with Xander hard and oozing precum throughout as he rides that shaft and proceeds to wank himself to a frenzy of semen splashing.

It might be the sight and aroma of all that hot twink cum gushing out, or the feel of the boy’s hole clenching and massaging his naked meat, but whatever triggers it Sven is soon pulling out and taking aim at the boy’s cute face, pumping jets of milky jizz out of his long and throbbing uncut cock to douse him in his juices!

Yeah, this is one seriously hot pairing that I think you’re all gonna love. It definitely needed to be back on the blog for you guys to enjoy.

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