Jul 01

Interracial Gay DP Video With Milan Sharp Getting Double Fucked At Staxus!

The guys on the Staxus site really went all out with this hardcore video! You might have noticed (if you’ve been paying attention of course) that they’ve added some really hot and hung young black men to their collection of stars in the last few weeks, and the action they’ve been appearing in has been enjoyed by almost all the members there.

I’ve been watching the comments on the site by the members in response to these videos, and the consensus seems to be almost entirely appreciative of those handsome and hung dark dudes.

Milan Sharp is definitely appreciative in this interracial gay DP video!

You know the boy is a greedy bottom, able to take some of the biggest cocks in his perfectly pink and peachy little ass, but the sight of him being double teamed by Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart is truly immense.

He feasts on those wet and dribbling dicks, takes one in the ass while swallowing the other, get his own dick slobbered all over, and then stretches his hole to the limit as their frotting shafts slide in and out of his pucker too!

It goes without saying that the ending to this one is messy. They always seem to be cummy endings to their videos on the site and this one is no exception.

You can check this one out on the Staxus Mobile site, but I have to say that having seen it on my TV and my iPhone, the first option is best for getting every detail. They release HD porn videos now, so I think it’s only right to do that justice and watch it on a big screen ;)


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