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A gay military check up goes very right for Boris Lang and Johnathan Strake

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Now, I might be in the minority here, but I personally love it when a twink site like STAXUS brings in a muscled boy like Boris Lang to mix things up a bit. He’s so handsome, and he has an amazing body, but I think that perfectly pink and smooth uncut cock might be the best thing about him.

He’s playing the role of the horny military doctor in this new video for the Charlie Foxtrot series, with sweet young Johnathan Strake playing the part of the recruit needing to have his ass and dick checked – for some unknown reason.

However unbelievable the scenario might be (seriously, when have we ever cared about realism in porn?) it’s hot to watch as Boris gets to work exploring the boy’s tight little rump with his fingers.

I know that’s not how a prostate exam is conducted!

Whatever, it does the job and soon enough Johnathan is showing the handsome doc his growing uncut cock, something sexy Boris can’t resist playing with.

His own stunning cock is soon out for Johnathan to suck and slurp, which would probably be enough for my to be spilling my load out in enjoyment. Thankfully these two boys are far more experienced when it comes to enjoying a good long session of raw ass fucking and they manage to deliver and amazing scene before their cream is gushing out all over the place.

Boris gets to rimming that hole, then slides his naked shaft into his younger pal, fucking him on the bed before taking it to the floor and really going to town on that rump.

It’s a tight pucker around his cock, that much is clear. When he finally can’t take any more he pulls out to drench Johnathan’s ass in cum, with semen dripping down his taint! I love seeing that, and I was ready to start cumming with him right there, but I’m glad I held on.

He slides his spent cock right back into the boy, fucking his cream into his ass! My cock would be far too sensitive to be able to carry on like that after erupting so much jizz, but Boris endures and gives his young friend a great ride on his cock back on the bed, leading to Johnathan erupting his own big splashing fountain of cum from his long and stiff twink boner!

Phew, this was a great fuck, you need to go and watch the video.

Click for the video | read my STAXUS review

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