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First Time With A Ginger: Bennett Anthony & Jack Andy

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I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some horny cock fun with a few redheads over the years and it’s definitely true what they say about ginger guys being more greedy and passionate for cock in the bedroom.

Jack Andy has hooked up with Bennett Anthony and taken him back to his place where he confesses that it’s the first time he’s been with a redhead. I don’t know why that’s something that would need to be said, but I guess that’s the theme for this one.

With a little making out the two are hitting the sheets and Jack gets his hungry mouth around Bennett’s delicious cock. I fucking love the sucking these guys share in this one, as a fan of oral anyway I can easily cum just seeing a couple of guys really working their wet dicks with their lips and tongues, but you know this is gonna get hotter.

Bennett fucks Jack’s mouth and then turns his attention to that ass, playing with his hole and licking him out. He has a great rump that I think every one of you guys would love to play with, right?

With his pucker ready for fucking Bennett eases his meat into his hole and fills him up, ramming him with his dick and sucking the guys long and delicious cock too! Check out that shot of him slurping that dick while his own cock is in that ass, fucking hot!

Jack finally shoots his load out of his cock, splashing his wad over his chest, with Bennett pulling out moments later to splash his cream right into his buddy’s waiting mouth.

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