May 05

Straight Guy Sucked Off – Kamal’s Casting Couch

If you haven’t been checking out the videos on the Men of Montreal site in the last few months then you have really been missing out. They’ve been getting some of the most impressive young muscled men going far beyond what they thought they would ever do, and for this latest video we get to join in and see a straight guy sucked off by one of their most gorgeous and cock hungry dudes.

The guy arriving for his porn debut is Kamal Ali, a bodybuilder planning to becomes professional and compete. The guy is huge, and Marko Lebeau obviously couldn’t wait to get sucking on that dudes dick.

We get an interview for his first appearance took, so we get to find out a little about this big guy before they get down to business. But although the straight guy sucked off for this scene is totally new to it, his cock definitely responds well to all the sucking and licking our handsome cock sucker is giving him!

Marko knows how to make it so hot a straight guy starts to think about getting some of this more often, and when he gets access to that ass and shows the dude what some rimming feels like you get the impression the guy is pretty much converted!

Of course, the proof is in the cum load, and when the massive guy finally lets his load loose he splashes out his cum over himself in a satisfied climax. Of course, our greedy dick sucker isn’t too far behind, jerking out his own wad all over the floor to end the scene.

Judging by what they’ve managed to get other straight guys doing on the site I think we’ll see Kamal Ali doing a lot more than just getting his shaft sucked in the future ;)


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