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Hung and uncut Zack Lemec plays doctor

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Okay guys, it’s no secret that I’ve been having issues with the themes and the descriptions they’ve been delivering over on the Maskurbate site. If you want to real my slight angry meltdown over some of their worst foibles then you can click here and see a wall of ranting.

This is another one of those examples where they’ve missed the mark on the theme of the video.

The only saving grace here is that it’s Zack Lemec getting his big uncut cock out and enjoying some toys, wanking his hooded meat and splashing a hot load of cum out for the guys.

So, what’s wrong with this one? Well, he’s playing the role of a doctor, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, every site out there has done the gay doctor porn thing at least once I think.

No, the problem is that he’s playing the part of an erectile dysfunction doctor. Yeah, we’re talking about surgery, on a cock, something that is so beyond not horny most guys would start reading the description and instantly leave and head for a fucking tube site.

Thankfully we don’t get any gory stuff, so at least they didn’t go that far and be total fucking morons.

No, you’re just encouraged to think about erectile dysfunction and needing surgery to get a boner, with the story leading into Zack Lemec performing for an invisible guy to encourage him to get hard.

Yeah, you read that right. It’s a solo, but Zack Lemec is playing the part of a doc seeing a patient who had surgery on his cock and now can’t get hard, so he’s putting on a show for this fictional character no one wants to be, or even think about, getting his own big uncut meat out and wanking himself off.

Dear Maskurbate – any chance to see this handsome hunk enjoying his big dick is worth watching, but please, for the love of God, stop making your viewers think about death, surgery, impotence, grannies, hospitals, death etc etc… how the fuck you people think these themes are supposed to get your members worked up and horny is beyond me.

Having ripped them a new one, again, I would recommend going to watch Zack pumping the cream from his dick in this solo, but I would recommend ignoring the entire theme of this video and just focusing totally and entirely on him and his gorgeous cock being played with.

Let me know in the comments if your pissed at them for putting out these stupid themes too. Please, tell me I’m not alone in this.

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