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Mar 03

Straight Guy Fucked – Grayson Takes Tanner

I know that there are probably a few guys reading this who never really trust it when a site says they have a straight guy fucked for the first time on video. But when it comes to Active Duty and their military guys, I actually think it’s pretty genuine. I’ve been a fan of their videos for a while now, and after seeing Grayson jerking off in his only other video I was hoping that we might get to see the straight guy fucked on screen eventually… well, the time has come!

Tanner is the handsome lad doing the deed and showing the guy what it feels like to take another dudes cock in his ass. But there’s more to this video than just that, of course.

They start things off slow and easy (or easy for us anyway) as the guys jerk and suck. Tanner gives the dude his first feel of a gay blowjob and the straight guy seems to like it – how could any guy not enjoy a suck from another guy? We know what we’re doing!

Then it’s Grayson’s turn to taste his first cock and he doesn’t do a bad job of it at all! But the real deal is when we get to see that straight guy fucked as he takes Tanner’s dick in his virgin hole.

I think it’s right to say that the guy is perhaps converted by the end of this video ;)

Free Video Clip:

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