Hairy and hung Alex Mecum fucks Casey Jacks

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I think I need to start this one off by commenting on the view. Yeah, I have a little class sometimes and it’s not all about the guys sharing their cocks in a video!

For this new arrival at Falcon Studios they’re not only giving us a couple of gorgeous jock hunks to be totally jealous of, they’re giving us a setting that makes us all totally jealous too.

I’m guessing this terrace looks out over the Californian countryside, and I can’t think of many more impressive views to have right in front of you while you’re sucking cock, rimming jock hole and fucking out some cum loads with a buddy.

Okay, enough about the setting and the scenery, let’s talk about Alex Mecum and his buddy Casey Jacks.

Both guys are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that. Alex has a great cock and a great hairy jock body that I don’t think anyone out there would be able to say no to exploring.

Casey definitely can’t turn him down, a little making out soon leads to him on his knees and sucking on that famously impressive cock.

Alex has a great dick, this is a fact I think we all accept. Seeing him being licked and sucked is glorious, but you know it can’t all be about that.

Soon enough he’s returning some oral action as Casey bends over the railing and offers up his tight hole for Alex to explore with his tongue. I’m not that into rimming but when the guys are as gorgeous as these two I’m happy to see them doing whatever gets them throbbing and ready to fuck.

And by this point they definitely are ready.

Watch as Alex plunges his dick deep into his buddy, fucking him in a variety of positions right there out in the open where any passing hiker would be getting a free show.

Needless to say, these guys make a hot splashing mess by the time they’re done, and all of you will be joining in with them. Casey gets a shower of hot semen splashing all over him as the two guys start squirting out their juices!

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