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Why we need to see more of hung muscle man Conall Timpson

straight muscle man Conall Timpson jerking off englishlads
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At over 6 feet tall and weighing 200lbs, Conall Timpson is a big and powerful hunk who could totally destroy a guy in the bedroom, and I can guarantee more than a few guys have thought about exactly that.

I would be one of them.

Keeping things in proportion, the 25-year-old’s cock is a thick, 8-inch long piece of man-meat with a pink hood of foreskin over the swollen tip, and when he shoots off his cum load he makes a big mess too.

Although his appearance at EnglishLads was his first time really showing off and giving the fans a full-on performance, he has been involved in the competitive physique and bodybuilding world for some time, and appeared in some modeling shoots before, showing off his incredible body for a physique project. Apparently he saw an ad to go a little further and decided to give it a try and after getting his big dick out to show it off he discovered it was easier than he expected.

big straight muscle man in a jerk off video Conall Timpson Englishlads
Big muscle man Conall has a long uncut cock to stroke in his debut

Even his girlfriend knew about his appearance for his debut and she seemed fine with it, being a model herself.

Considering he was willing to slide a toy into his ass for the first time in his second video, we were expecting him to come back and explore some more fun on camera. As of publication we’re still waiting to see that big uncut cock again, but we all hold out hope that he will eventually be back to go a step further.

straight muscle man Conall Timpson jerking off englishlads
Straight muscle man Conall Timpson dares to ease a dildo into his virginal ass for his second scene

He would be due to come back and have a massage and a hand job from another guy, but that never happened.

Is there a chance that we might see him again in the future? Stranger things have happened. We’ve seen performers go as far as this before disappearing for more than a year, then making a surprise return to let someone else jerk them off for the first time.

If you haven’t seen him in action in either of his videos you really should go and check him out. When you do, make sure you vote on his videos and leave a comment asking for him to come back, there’s a chance that they’ll contact him again and see if he’s willing to go further if they know the fans want more of him.


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