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Two straight boys jerking each other off, Joel Jenkins and Casias Bradley have a lot of fun

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I need to find out where they get these guys from. Can you imagine getting so much dick play with random hot straight guys who seem to get so into it when they feel another stiff dick for the first time?

This isn’t the first time Joel Jenkins and Casias Bradley have grabbed another guys uncut cock and given it some rubbing, but after their limited experiences in recent times these two straight boys seem to really be down for some more mutual masturbation.

The handsome straight lads are back for an innocent session of hard dick stroking in this video, kicking off with some massages as they get each other in the mood.

After first contact is made and those big uncut cocks are revealed for some friendly strokes the boys are rock hard and throbbing, sliding their foreskins over their swollen wet tips, feeling the stiffness of the other as they stroke their new friend and savor the familiar yet horny and unusual sensation of another guy’s cock in their grip.

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They’re pretty well-matched, both packing 8 hard inches of meaty tool for the other to stroke and rub.

No doubt about it, these guys are enjoying the sensation as they stroke their dicks together and enjoy some frotting, meat against meat, both dicks oozing precum as they play.

It’s always awesome to see a couple of horny lads like these exploring new things, even if it is only wanking each other off and rubbing their dicks together. There’s no way to hide the fact that they’re enjoying the experience, the chance to play with another hard length of fuck meat, stroking each other and building up to some big splashing cum loads.

These guys have both been having some great fun on the site over the last few months and I think it’s going to lead to a lot more after this too. It’s hard to believe Joel was so reluctant to even let another guy touch his dick a while ago, and now here he is clearly loving the feel of Casias’ throbbing shaft in his hands!

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One Comment on “Two straight boys jerking each other off, Joel Jenkins and Casias Bradley have a lot of fun”

  1. Joel is one of my favorite boys on the site. He’s got a great dick and watching him experiencing cock fun with other lads there has been great so far. This is a really great video.

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