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Straight uncut jock Tom Lawson splashes himself with hot cum

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Video title: Straight Young Rugby Hunk Tom Shows us his Hairy Body & Big Uncut Cock!

Run time: 41 minutes

Starring: Tom Lawson

Source: EnglishLads

Damn, I think I have a new favorite hunk on the English Lads gay porn site.

If you don’t know what they do there then you need to go and check it out, but maybe do that after I’ve told you about Tom Lawson and this video.

Tom Lawson has been voted the hottest guy at EnglishLads.

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He’s a handsome and buff young hunk, hairy and with a lot of sexy muscle. He’s also packing a 7.5″ uncut cock, thick and juicy, the kind of dick I think you would all love to play with for him.

He’s been in one gallery, but this is his first video, and he’s not at all shy about stripping down and showing off, revealing his uncut cock and soon grabbing it for some wanking.

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He’s Rugby player, so you know he’s got that horny and confident attitude needed to be appearing in a shoot like this one. There’s something about those British Rugby guys, they just don’t seem to give a damn and when it comes to getting their dick out in front of their buddies they just don’t care.

That’s one of the reasons I think we’re gonna be seeing him wanking with one of the other straight guys there soon. It’s something they do a lot, getting their new guys to try grabbing another cock, frotting their hard meat together, slapping their dicks against each other and sometimes more too.

Being a big fan of mutual masturbation between horny straight guys just exploring things you can imagine that I’m really looking forward to seeing how far this guy goes.

This is a great video, with Tom wanking himself off and building up a big splashing cum load that shoots off all over his hairy abs and chest.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of him. Do you reckon we’ll be seeing him frotting with another guy, wanking another guy’s cock, maybe more?

Click for his video | read my English Lads review

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7 Comments on “Straight uncut jock Tom Lawson splashes himself with hot cum”

    1. They’ve had a lot of other gorgeous guys there so I don’t know if he’s the hottest one of all, but I agree I love him and I hope we see a lot more from the guy after this. He could be the next big thing. They were the ones who discovered Paddy O’Brian!

  1. Tom Lawson is like my ideal guy. I’ve fooled around with some really fucking hot straight lads in my time but if I had the chance to play with this guy’s cock I think my dick would be squirting within seconds! I really hope we get to see a lot more of him. Every video I’ve seen with this guy has had me cumming almost as much as he does!

    1. It really is nice! He’s the best guy they have there in my opinion. He’s so handsome and he seems to get so turned on playing with other lad’s cocks. If you haven’t seen the videos with him being wanked off and jerking other guys, frotting cocks with them, you really needs to watch those!

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