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Straight uncut jock Jaxon North is a great new arrival we’re gonna see more of

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I heard some good gossip this morning, about the new guy over on the English Lads site, and I think you guys are gonna be interested in hearing about it.

First of all I need to make sure you know what they do there…

It’s one of those sites that’s still focusing on the straight guys, bringing in new amateur guys and getting them in front of the cameras for some stiff-dicked fun. They have a good reputation of delivering some amazing straight jock dudes, guys they seemingly get from the local gyms and football clubs.

Most of the time these straight guys start out with some solo wanking, getting their dicks out for a solo session, then they come back to get their cock wanked by another lad for the first time.

That usually leads to them coming back again for a mutual masturbation session, with them grabbing another guy’s cock, wanking each other off and frotting their dicks together.

Most of the time they come back for more than that, too, sometimes getting some head or even going all the way and fucking. They have a few guys there right now who started out as solo straight guys wanking their loads out for the fans and now top and bottom.

Another popular post:

Would you wank out a cum load with your brother?

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So, what’s the gossip? I’ve heard that this handsome new jock, Jaxon North, has already been back after this new solo to get his cock stroked by another guy, and that he’s already agreed to come back again for a cock-fight and mutual jerk off with one of the other lads, too.

I don’t know how accurate that is, but my sources have rarely let me down, and after watching this happy and confident straight jock playing with his uncut cock and wanking the cum from his dick in this debut I’m pretty convinced that it’s true.

Jaxon is one of those guys who just oozes sexuality, the kind of lad who would be willing to try something new, the kind of guy you might see in the gym showers with a stiff dick, happy to show it off and check out your hard one too. He might not have shared any wanks or had any cock fun with another guy before, but he seems like the kind of jock dude who would be okay with it and just enjoy the new experience.

If you haven’t seen this solo yet and watched him shooting his hot cum load up his body, splashing himself from his chin to his balls, you need to go and take a look.

Click for the video | Read my English Lads review

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