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Straight muscle top fucks a hot straight bottom – Chris Little rides Albie Wicks

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I think we all knew muscle lad Albie Wicks was gonna be down for sharing his hard uncut cock with other lads when we first saw him getting his hard inches out and stroking the cream from his dick in his debut video.

I know I’m not the only one who was hoping we would see him going all the way, so I guess a lot of you will be wanking out your cream to this new shoot on the site now that you know what he’s been up to!

I have to say here that even though the pics they let me share on the blog are totally tame and you don’t even get to see a cock, these guys go all out in their playful cock fun with each other and the shoot has everything from the mutual dick stroking to the oral Albie gets to the sight of him stuffing his muscle cock into Chris’ hot little hole. You’re gonna want to go and check it out.

So, a little info on the lads here, just in case you don’t know anything about them or what the site is all about.

They get horny straight guys in to show off their uncut cocks, wanking their dicks and shooting off their cum loads, then most of those guys come back to share a wank with another guy for the first time, rub their dicks together and shoot their juice. Often those straight guys will come back and suck cock, and sometimes fuck some ass or get fucked too.

Chris Little started out like that, a horny straight boy grabbing another hard dick, tasting another boner, fucking another guy and then getting fucked. Since those early videos he’s enjoyed a whole lot of cock and he really loves it all. He discovered a lot about himself and it’s probably fair to consider him bisexual these days.

Albie is the big muscle man still learning. The last time we saw him he was frotting cocks with one of the other new straight guys, swapping their dicks in some mutual stroking and shooting off their straight guy loads with each other. They had a lot of fun and we could all tell that we would be seeing a lot more of him.

Well, now he’s back, and he’s going further than ever.

A little playful kissing and groping leads to Albie throbbing in his shorts, his hard cock straining for release. Chris gets started on that muscle cock the moment it’s revealed, sucking him and stroking him, tasting the precum leaking fro Albie’s throbbing boner.

Albie soon turns his attention to Chris too, tugging down the young man’s shorts to grab his cock too, wanking him off.

I love seeing a couple of straight lads like these so into it as they stroke each other. You can see they love the feel of another hard dick in their hand and Albie is obviously into it.

With Chris bent over he gets a little probing from Albie, lubing up his hole and plunging some fingers into his ass, then his cock is sinking into him and Chris is taking a ride on that throbbing muscle cock.

It’s great to see, with Chris bouncing up and down on that tool while his own cock swings and throbs.

He takes it in some great positions and Albie is obviously enjoying himself, plunging his dick in and out of that hole and giving the young man every inch he has.

It’s no surprise Chris is soon back on that cock and riding it as Albie gives him a bit of a reach around and plays with his meat, then makes Chris spurt his semen out of his hooded cock as he slides his ass up and down on that meat.

Albie isn’t far behind, kicking back on the bed and wanking himself off, erupting ropes of hot and thick white cum all over his abs. He makes a great mess over himself by the end of it and we’re all left wanting more of both of these guys.

I can’t wait for the video. Chris is a great performer and he knows how to treat a straight guy to make him unload like that.

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4 Comments on “Straight muscle top fucks a hot straight bottom – Chris Little rides Albie Wicks”

  1. Albie is a hot guy and I was hoping he would be back to fuck. Glad it was Chris. They had a great time and I think we’ll be seeing Albie again after that. Can’t wait!

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