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Straight muscle man Conall Timpson seems to like anal play!

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I have to confess that when I first saw handsome straight muscle man Conall Timpson on the English Lads site I was certain that he was too good to be true. I was convinced that the most we would get from this handsome hunk and his big uncut cock was a solo wank.

Well, happily, I was wrong.

Last month I heard a rumor that the big guy had been back for some cock frotting with one of the other guys on the site, but although my sources are usually pretty good it looks as though they might have confused this guy with someone else, or perhaps they’ve just released videos in a different order.

Whatever the deal is, I’m more than happy to see this big guy back and getting some hot anal play down on video.

He’s a great guy, a lot more curious and daring than I thought he would be when I first saw him. I usually reserve judgment because we’ve seen a lot of their straight guys on the site defy all expectations and suck cock and fuck each other, but I found myself making assessments of him anyway.

He’s impressed me with this second helping of dick stroking.

He shows off his big muscled body, gets his long and uncut cock out, already starting to get hard with the excitement of showing off for the lads, then he gets down to wanking himself off.

I love seeing a dude like this enjoying his own cock, and although I would love to be there to teach him a few things about sharing cock play with another guy I’m totally okay with watching him rubbing his long meat and exploring his hole with a toy.

And that’s no doubt what’s gonna get a lot of you guys clicking through. The sight of him lubing up that dildo and sliding it all the way into his ass is not to be missed. It might be his first time doing anything like this but you can see the pleasure on his face as he fucks himself with it and strokes his leaking cock, enjoying the intense sensations he never expected to feel as he builds up to his climax.

And when that comes it’s a messy cum pumping climax that leaves his amazing abs and his wanking fist sticky with gooey man milk.

Damn, he had a whole lot of fun exploring things in this solo and I’m more convinced than ever that we’re gonna be seeing him back to share that long uncut dick with one of the other guys soon. I can’t wait to see him exploding cum from that cock after grabbing another guys dick for the first time and frotting their cocks together in some mutual dick play.

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6 Comments on “Straight muscle man Conall Timpson seems to like anal play!”

  1. Been with a few straight dudes in the past and they always love getting fucked once they’ve tried it. I have a pretty big cock and it takes a lot of convincing to get them to try taking it but once they do they always come back to get my dick again 🙂

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