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Straight muscle guy fucks his first ass, Albie Wicks buggers Chris Little

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So we knew this video was coming when we saw the pics for these two together, and even though I knew it would be good it exceeded my expectations. I don’t know why I’m so surprised, they make excellent videos with straight guys exploring cock play and gay sex with other lads there so I should be used to their greatness by now.

Straight muscle guy Albie Wicks has been in two videos so far, his wanking debut and a mutual wanking session with Joe Burleigh (another straight guy exploring cock play with another dude for the first time) and it looked like he really enjoyed himself.

If you like seeing straight guys frotting their uncut cocks together and wanking another dude for the first time you have to go and see that video. In fact, there’s far too much horny dick rubbing between lads on the site for me to adequately explain, so just use the link at the bottom and go and check it out.

Albie had so much fun with that cock that he’s come back for some more play, and he’s getting plenty with sexy Chris Little.

If you’ve never seen Chris on video before then I recommend buying a whole lot of lube, tell everyone you love that you’ll be out of reach for a little while, then lock yourself in a room and hit play on his debut video. Be prepared, because you’re gonna want to watch every video this formerly straight boy has been in.

If you thought binge watching was just for Netflix, you should think again. Your dick will be sore by the time you’re done seeing this lad go from horny straight boy tasting cock for the first time to eager bottom bouncing on straight lad’s boners.

He started out totally new to the idea of playing with another guy’s cock, but the moment he had the opportunity to stroke and suck one he was on it, and loving it. Since then he’s done everything else, riding dicks and fucking other guys, showing a lot of new straight lads how much fun some cock play between men can be.

He was a great choice to break in straight muscle guy Albie in this video.

The guys start things off with some playful muscle groping, then share a little kissing too (something Albie isn’t quite sure about, it seems). Soon enough that hard 7-inch uncut jock cock is out and Chris is using his skills to make it throb and ooze precum.

Needless to say Albie likes it, he’s soon grabbing Chris by the dick and wanking him off in appreciation, frotting their hard dicks together and pleasuring each other in their fists.

Something tells me that even if this straight lad doesn’t carry on fucking guys in his private life, he’s gonna be one of those straight lads who doesn’t shy away from some mutual cock play with his buddies from now on. He really seems to get off on playing with another cock and feeling his stiff dick against another lad’s shaft.

But that’s not what this is all about. This is all about the sight of handsome muscle lad Albie sinking his stiff uncut cock into another guys ass for the first time and seeing how good it is.

Chris knows how to take a cock these days, and you can tell from his own hard meat that he really enjoys it too. He’s soon bouncing on that cock and wanking himself off, taking it in every position until he can’t stop his cum from splashing out of his hooded length and making a sticky mess.

Albie isn’t far behind, stroking his hard dick and squirting a generous load of straight guy cum up his muscled body.

There’s no doubt these guys both had an awesome time, and I think we’ll be seeing Albie sucking a cock for the first time in his next video. I can’t wait to see more of both these guys.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these two, did they do a good job?

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