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Straight guy Jaxon North dares to try anal play for the first time on video

Naked straight guy Jaxon lays back on the bed and plays with his asshole
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Sometimes straight guys really surprise me. I would have thought that sliding something into your ass on video would be less appealing than getting your cock out with another guy and wanking each other off. Jaxon North doesn’t seem to think so.

He’s back after getting his 7″ uncut dick out for a solo shoot, wanking himself off and splashing out a hot load of straight guy cum over himself in his debut, and this time he’s willing to go further and slide a toy into his pucker.

I’ve met a lot of straight guys over the years who are down to play. Most of them are just looking for a good cock sucking or a hand job from another lad, but a lot of the time they’ll grab your dick and stroke you too. In my experience, a lot of straight guys who would let you blow them or suck them are into feeling another guys cock and making a dude cum. Most of them seem to be pretty into rubbing dicks with other guys when they get the chance.

But, Jaxon was reluctant to do anything with another guy, at least not yet. So, he’s opted to slide a toy into his ass and fuck himself with it.

I get the feeling that this isn’t the first time he’s played with his hole. He’s one of those sexually driven guys who you can imagine would have let a girlfriend finger him or slide a toy in there, but apparently this is his first time, according to the site.

He’s into it, showing off his thick uncut cock, semi hard from the start, then playing with his hole and fingering his pucker. Soon enough he’s lubing up that dildo and taking aim at his asshole, sliding the toy into his pucker and going deep.

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His cock loves it, there’s no doubt about that. His dick is throbbing in his wet fist as he strokes himself and fucks that butt with the toy, leading to a hot load of cum gushing out of his dick and splashing over his tight abs.

He seems happy with the result, and it’s a hot video to watch, but I think now we’re all wondering what it’s gonna take to get him in front of the cameras with one of their other guys. Will we see Jaxon sharing that uncut dick with someone else on the site soon? I’m guessing we will, and I’m willing to bet he’s gonna love it.

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Handsome straight guy smiling at the camera ready for a dildo play session
Jaxon North returns after wanking his cum from his thick uncut cock in his debut scene.
A purple dildo and a bottle of lube wait to be used by straight guy Jaxon North
The dildo and lube are there waiting for him to try in his second video for the site
Straight guy smiles and teases fully clothed and groping his cock bulge
Straight guy Jaxon is already getting excited, his thick uncut dick is starting to throb in his shorts
Naked straight guy Jaxon lays back on the bed and plays with his asshole
The straight jock gets started, his uncut cock already wet and throbbing, his fingers exploring his tight hole
Jaxon inspects the purple dildo after lubing it up ready for his ass
Straight jock Jaxon gets ready to slide the slippery dildo into his tight hole for the first time

Click for the video | Read my English Lads review

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