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Straight boy dick wanked by another dude for the first time – Jack Ashton loves it

straight boy being massaged at the start of a hand job video
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It’s been a while since we last saw Jack Ashton getting his uncut 8-inch cock out on video for the English Lads site, but I’m damn glad he’s back and ready to go a little further than just rubbing out his own loads.

We’ve seen him wanking that big footballer cock a few times in the past, but for the last year he’s been missing from the site. We were all thinking he would be like most of their other straight guys and come back to frott his dick with another straight lad and share some mutual wanking, but when he was gone for so long I guess we just assumed he’d moved on to other things.

It turns out his buddies found out about his solo wanking sessions on the site and they were quick to start taking the piss out of him. He should have asked why they knew about it and whether they’d bought memberships to see their friend rubbing out his loads!

I’m not too sure what’s changed since his last shoot, but he was finally comfortable enough to come back and try something new, and this time he’s getting that straight boy dick stroked by another dude for the first time.

He’s having fun pretty quickly, getting a bit of a massage and then revealing his long and floppy uncut cock. It’s not floppy for long of course, soon those slippery hands are stroking his length and making him throb and leak precum as they slide his foreskin back and play with his sensitive tip. You can tell this lad has never been wanked off like this before and by the time he gets to the point of finishing himself off and splashing his semen out over his hot body we’re all pretty certain we’ll be seeing more of him.

I’m guessing he’s gonna be back to rub dicks and frot with one of the other guys in the next couple of months, and I can’t wait to see that. Maybe he should ask one of his straight mates if they want to come in and make some money slapping their cocks around together? lol

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