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Straight boy anal – Rufus Fitzroy cums twice with a toy up his hole

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I knew Rufus Fitzroy was going to be a great new boy to watch, but I don’t think we expected him to be this good.

Genuinely, I think this handsome and fit straight guy has the potential to become a major porn star in the same way Paddy O’Brian and Darius Ferdynand did. If you remember, they both started out on sites like English Lads back in the day, trying new things on video and becoming incredibly popular. These days they’re famous around the world for the great action they deliver.

Rufus Fitzroy definitely has what it takes.

In his debut a little while ago he showed off his amazing body, build from gym sessions and boxing, and we soon discovered that he wasn’t at all shy about getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out and getting hard for the boys.

Something tells me he might be one of those straight boys who enjoyed wanking off some cum loads with his friends in the past, because he really gets into stroking his dick and putting on a good horny show.

Well, he’s back for another round of cum shooting, and he really delivers something special in this new play session too.

Not only is he getting that gorgeous cock out and stroking his stiff inches, he’s lubing up a long purple toy and easing it into his virgin hole.

Most straight boys might not be willing to do something like this on video, but Rufus Fitzroy seems really into it. Soon he’s wanking his stiff cock and oozing clear juice from his dick as he slides the toy in and out of his perfect hole, and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun experiencing that new pleasure.

This notion is soon proven as he pumps a hot splashing mess of straight boy semen out of his dick, decorating his tight abs with his delicious goo.

But, if you think this is hot (and it is) stick around. Rufus is having so much fun and enjoying that pleasure so much he just carries on stroking his wet cock, fucking his hole deep, leading to another messy cum load pumping out of his foreskin-covered helmet!

Yeah, this straight boy has just discovered some new pleasure and after seeing him cumming twice in this video I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be seeing him enjoying a lot more experimentation.

You know they get a lot of their straight boys back for some shared cock play, and sometimes more. I think we’re gonna be seeing Rufus wanking another guy’s dick soon, frotting their cocks together and making each other cum, and I really can’t wait for that!

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