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Hung straight guy Rich Wills is back and ready to share his dick again!

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I was so surprised, and so excited too, when I discovered that one of my favorite straight guys is back on the English Lads site after four years of being away.

His name is Rich Wills, and he was one of the guys that got me signed up there and enjoying their videos. You guys probably know what gets me off, and you probably know that seeing straight guys like this dude enjoying their cock with other lads is one of the hottest.

He started out there way back in 2012, wanking his almost 9 inch long uncut cock and shooting off his big cum loads, then he started getting a little more daring and curious about things. He let another lad wank him off, then got his cock sucked, then grabbed another guy by the dick and shared some frotting and mutual wanking… eventually he was being sucked regularly, wanking other lads and fucking dudes in the ass!

One of the best things about his videos was seeing how hard he got when he had the chance to play with another boner. He was definitely one of those guys who wasn’t really into the idea at first, but when he felt another cock for the first time his own dick was throbbing and leaking precum. He really got into it and the massive cum loads he used to shoot off were pretty impressive.

He left a while ago, back in 2014, and I think everyone thought that he was done. So, seeing him back and ready to play in this new shoot has already got the site a lot of attention and we can’t wait to see the video.

He’s been teamed up with new boy Jack Harper for this one, a boy who jumped into it with fellow new straight lad Mark Hendricks, rubbing dicks together and stroking each other off until their loads were spewing out. There’s another gallery with Jack and another of their previous hotties too, wanking off Hunter Hay. We hadn’t seen him for a while either but it looks like several previous boys are coming back to share their dicks.

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So, what can you expect from this new gallery with Rich and new boy Jack? A whole lot of cock play, that’s what. These guys waste little time before they’re groping those uncut boners and rubbing each other, frotting their cocks together, swinging their hard shafts and slapping them around.

By the time the wanking fun is approaching the finish the boys are laying back on the floor and wanking themselves off, with Jack pumping out a hot and thick load of cum and Rich splashing out a massive mess of straight guy semen all over himself. He even seems to impress himself with the amount of jizz he pumps out of his dick, he’s grinning and looking surprised by the end of it all!

Check out some of the pics and make sure you click through for the full gallery. While you’re waiting for this video to arrive on the site you should go and check out all the other ones he appeared in as he went from solo stroking to fucking other lads in the ass. Believe me, when you watch some of the group cock play sessions he appeared in you’re gonna be a big fan.

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