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ENGLISH LADS: Straight jock James Harrison returns for more anal play

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Well, this was a surprise!

I remember seeing James Harrison getting his straight guy dick out and enjoying some anal play on video for the first time a couple of months ago, but then he disappeared and I was certain that he’d reached his limit.

You know how some guys start out in gay porn and then disappear when things get a little too “gay”? I was pretty sure he was one of those who was willing to play solo and then not do anything else. I guess he might still be that guy, but something tells me this isn’t the last time we’re gonna be seeing this handsome young jock getting his big dick out.

The straight guy is a skater and gym goer, and the latter is definitely proven by the fact that over only two months he’s gone from being a pale and hairy twink kind of guy to a buff and smooth jock with a slight tan.

I need to speak to his personal trainer or find out what his routine is, because to make that kind of change in just two months is so fucking impressive it’s the kind of thing you would expect from a Hollywood actor paying a personal trainer a few thousand dollars a day to achieve it.

Whatever he did, it worked. He’s looking amazing and although I thought he was hot before I think he’s far sexier now.

He’s getting his 8-inch uncut cock out again for this new shoot, his cock leaking precum and his ass seemingly willing to get some more play.

We get to see him rubbing his cock again and fucking his tight hole with another toy, and he’s clearly enjoying himself all the way through.

They hint in the description for this shoot that he might be down for taking a real cock in his ass, and I really hope he does come back to try that.

I think it’s likely we’re gonna see him wanking out some cum with one of the other guys before that, and probably sucking some cock for the first time too, and I really can’t wait to see all of that.

Check out some of the pics from this new photo shoot and make sure you stick around for the video. If you haven’t seen his previous shoots for the site then you’ll want to go and check those out too.

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