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ENGLISH LADS: New straight jock Tom Lawson likes showing off

sexy shirtless jock Tom Lawson fexing his muscles in his debut gay porn shoot
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Gallery title: Straight Young Rugby Hunk Tom Shows us his Hairy Body & Big Uncut Cock!

Photo count: 528

Starring: Tom Lawson

Source: EnglishLads

I know I’ve been sharing quite a lot of action from the English Lads site over the last week or two, but I think you understand why. They’ve really been delivering the goods for a couple of months now, introducing us to some amazing new straight jock dudes who all have plenty we love to see in an amateur performer.

Tom Lawson is the latest new arrival set to send us all into spasms of cum shooting pleasure with his videos, and I know I speak for everyone here when I say they need to hurry up and get him on set with one of their other lads.

He’s a gorgeous 25-year-old straight man with a body built from working out and playing Rugby, and he has a 7.5 inch uncut cock swinging between his legs.

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Of course, being a Brit, he’s also uncut, which is something I know a lot of you guys love to see.

He spends some time really showing off his body in this debut shoot, posing and flexing, stripping down to his boxer shorts and giving us a good teasing few moments of bulge groping.

This is one of the best things about this shoot; the fact that he’s already getting hard before he’s even got his cock out. I get the impression that he’s one of those dudes you see at the gym grabbing all the attention as he walks around in the locker room with his semi-hard dick leading the way, soaping up his long stiff one in the showers and just letting everyone get a good look.

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Come on, you know even the straight guys get a little chubby checking him out in the showers, how could any guy not admire this immense man and his gorgeous long uncut cock?

He gets so hard when he’s wanking it too, his dick pointing up to the ceiling as he strokes his hooded length and slides that foreskin back and forth over his swollen wet tip.

When he finally takes himself to the edge his balls pull up and his cock becomes steel-like as ropes of semen splash from his cum hole and rain down over his tight abs, leaving a long river of jizz flowing down his abs.

With a very satisfied smile for the cameras he departs for the shower and we’re all left drenched in cum too, and wanting more of him.

I think it’s likely we’re going to be seeing him sharing a hand job session with one of the other straight guys there in the next few weeks. We’ll be getting his solo video before then and I know we’re all gonna love it, but we can’t wait to see him frotting that cock against another lad’s dick and getting the juice stroked out of him.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this gorgeous new guy, and who do you think we’re gonna see grabbing that dick for him? Will we see him being sucked and frotting his cock against another lad’s shaft in the next few months?

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6 Comments on “ENGLISH LADS: New straight jock Tom Lawson likes showing off”

  1. Tom is the best boy they’ve had there this year. Amazing. I hope he gets sucked soon I can’t wait to see how much he cums after that!

  2. They could do away with most of the other guys on the site and just have Tom wanking and sucking with a few of their straight jock boys and I would be a happy camper! Easily the hottest guy they’ve had there for years.

  3. Tom is the best guy they have. He’s incredible. I can’t get enough of him. I think I’ve seen his video with Rich Wills frotting cocks ten times already!

    1. It is a great video. He really looked like he was having fun rubbing dicks with him. I still believe we’re going to see him being sucked soon and I can’t wait to watch that!

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