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Bonus fun with straight boys mutual jerking

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I’m never really sure whether you guys want to see bonus videos like this, but although I guess some of you out there might think these extra “bonus” scenes are a bit of a space filling exercise they’re actually really good when they come from the English Lads site.

If you didn’t know, this is one of those sites that gets a lot of straight guys started out in horny fun with other lads, and that usually means a lot of shared wanking and frotting, which is something I really love to see on video. That first time a guy grabs another guy’s cock and experiences the pleasure of rubbing dicks with another dude is one of the hottest things in my opinion, so when it comes to seeing the looks they give each other, the sideways glances, the way their dick bounces and twitches the first time they make contact… seeing all of that makes it even more fun.

Most of that is cut out of the final edit of a video, but that’s pretty much what we get in the bonus scenes like this one. We see the boys being a little nervous, we see them joking around and being lads, we see their cock twitch a little harder when they wrap their fingers around another hard dick for the first time… you get the idea.

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So, for this one we have Cameron Donald on the left, the experienced lad who started out a while back in a wanking solo and has since had a lot of fun with a lot of other straight guys on the site. He might have started with a wank, but he was soon back to be jerked off, grabbing another guy’s cock for the first time, being sucked, tasting a dick, all the way up to fucking. He’s experienced, and he really seems to like sharing cock with other lads these days.

John Anderson is the new guy, the one who hasn’t had any experience with anyone else’s cock. He’s been in a solo, but this is his first time being in the room with another hard dick right there.

Cameron gives him a massage and gets him worked up, then he grabs his cock and starts wanking. John seems to like it, or at least his throbbing uncut dick does! Will he enjoy being sucked by Cameron too? Of course, what sane straight lad wouldn’t want to have someone else gobbling on their wet dick?

Things get really interesting when Cameron gets his cock out and it’s right there for John to grab. He wraps his fingers around that warm meat and starts wanking, getting the same back from Cameron. Then it’s time for the frotting, something that every straight guy ever appearing on the site seems to love. With their dicks together, flesh to flesh, the lads wank their dicks and stroke themselves and each other, the pleasure growing with every slide of their foreskins.

The finish for this one is hot. As you can see from the look on John’s face as he wanks off Cameron, he’s having a good time. The cum loads these lads plash out over themselves proves it.

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