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Straight jock top Bronson returns to fuck Timmy raw, and it’s fucking awesome

handsome straight jock licking another man's big cock
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I know that’s a bit of a bombastic headline, but I don’t care, I think Bronson is one of the most stunning straight jock top dudes they’ve ever had on the Chaos Men site. It’s not easy to say that considering they’ve had so many fucking hot men there over the years, but I think a lot of you guys will agree that he’s a stunning dude who we want to see a whole lot more of from now on.

If you haven’t been keeping track of this guy’s progress then you probably need to go and check out the videos he’s been in on the site.

He arrived there in August as a horny straight guy getting his jock cock out on video for a jerk off for the first time, and I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure we would be seeing him going much further than that.

I was wrong, he was soon back and ready to explore, although perhaps somewhat reluctantly at first.

His second appearance was with handsome Wright, a dude who knows how to suck a cock and share some horny dick play. We got to see Bronson experiencing his first man blowjob, and grab another cock for the first time too. He really seemed to enjoy rubbing his dick against Wright’s stiff cock, finishing up with a mess of mutual cum splashing.

Then he came back to fuck his first ass, and got a taste of another hard dick for the first time too. Lucky Lorenzo was the guy getting the chance to show him a little more fun in that video, and once again Bronson seemed to really love rubbing his hard dick against his new friend’s shaft.

He fucked that ass raw and make Lorenzo splash a hot load, and I actually thought that this might be the last time we got to see Bronson. It seemed as though he was really into cock play but that anal might be a little bit too much for him.

Again, I was wrong.

He’s back to get some more ass and bisexual jock Timmy is the one to give it to him.

Once again we get to see Bronson’s appreciation for cock as he gets his dick sucked and worships Timmy’s massive meat, rubbing their dicks together, sucking on the head, running his tongue up and down the solid length of his new buddy’s shaft.

Then he slides into that hole, fucking Timmy all over the bed, taking multiple opportunities to grab Timmy’s huge cock and stroke him while he’s thrusting in and out of that snug hole. Again, it seems as though handsome straight jock top Bronson really seems to love the feel of another hard cock in his fist.

The final moments of this video are fucking amazing. Timmy is wanking himself off with Bronson sliding in and out of his hole and he lets loose a massive load of cum that splashes out in a fountain all over himself, splashing right over his head and giving himself a cum facial that has Bronson shocked and stunned, the smirk on his face says it all.

It’s no wonder the straight jock top finds it hard to carry on after that, his dick is soon convulsing and pumping hot cream out deep inside his new friend, breeding that butt to finish their hardcore bareback session.

I have a few ideas for what we might get to see from Bronson next. I think he’s going to become an amazing cock sucker and be one of those guys to give the new dudes some excellent head. I also think we’re likely to see him bottoming for one of the other guys soon.

I can’t wait to see what he brings to the site next.

Click for the video | read my Chaos Men review

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