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Bi guy gets a cum facial for his first duo

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Thompson is the pale guy getting his dick out with another dude for the first time on video, although he said in his debut jerk off a little while ago that he’s a bi guy and likes hairy and muscled guys. Apparently he’s into both guys and girls equally, but something about this lad and the video he’s appearing in now tells me he might not be all that experienced with guys after all.

I get the feeling that he might have decided on his sexuality through mostly watching porn and jerking off, or maybe he’s had some wanks with buddies before and he’s looking to try more.

Well, whatever the deal is with the guy he’s getting a great mutual cock sucking session from Sean Peyton in this new scene.

The guys start out in one of the best ways to kick something like this off, showing their hard dicks to each other while they stroke themselves, comparing their stiff lengths, reaching over and rubbing the other…

When the sucking starts all hell breaks loose. Thompson is a greedy guy who acts like he’s been wanting to suck a cock for a long time and has only just got the chance to get his mouth on a juicy pole.

He really goes to town on Sean, and of course gets a whole lot of oral back in return. You can see both these guys really love sucking dick and rimming hole, stroking themselves and each other, making their meat drool precum into each other’s mouths as thy build up to the cum gushing finale.

And it’s a great finish too, Sean gets that bi guy load splashed out over his face and chest while he continues to lay back and beat his meat, then he stands to pump his own semen out in the new guy’s face!

Looks like Thompson had a good time with that cock, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him after this.

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