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Sep 18

Gone Fishin’!

Dear Friends,

I’ve am going on holiday until next Thursday, September 25th. In the meantime take a look back at my archives.

There is also a daily gallery and hundreds of DVD previews at MANcheck

Have a great week guys!






Sep 17

New guys Gabriel Angel and Josh Milk enjoy a threesome fuck with gorgeous Orlando White

This is something special! The guys on the Staxus.com site have been hiring like mad over the last year, bringing so many gorgeous new boys to the site and getting them in some amazing action with their existing stars, and now we have another two stunning performers to enjoy in a bareback gay threesome fuck!

Josh Milk is the handsome and horny Spanish guy getting plenty of cock from Orlando White and fellow new boy Gabriel Angel in this outdoor session, getting more than a little horny for some dick after enjoying an early drink.

You likely know of Orlando and his long and delicious raw dick already, he’s one of the hottest top boys they’ve ever had on there, capable of delivering a great powerful fucking to the bottoms. He’s the perfect guy to team up with a couple of new boys for a scene like this!

There’s so much cock sucking and jerking between all three guys as they get those dicks rock hard and leaking juice between them, but versatile Josh really steal attention as he impales his ass on each dick while the other is sliding in and out of his mouth. Both of the guys fuck and feed him all over the table, with the cock riding being a real highlight. The sight of Orlando trying to suck on his cock while he bounces on Gabriel’s meat is totally delicious!

The cummy finish to this bareback gay threesome is what will really impress you though. Both Orlando and Gabriel unload their cum on Josh’s used ass, and slide their wet dicks and semen back into him. The feel of them fucking their cum loads into his hole has him wanking himself to a good splashing load too!

This is one great scene with three excellent performers, a great addition to the more than 1,300 videos they already have on there for the members to stroke to. Remember too that they have the Staxus Mobile site for you guys to enjoy. It has to be the best raw twink porn site in the world.


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Sep 17

Lyle Boyce and Edwin Sykes in a hot army twink porn scene

Oooh! It’s been quite a while since we last saw some army twink sex scenes being released, so this new one from the Eurocreme site is definitely a welcome sight! The boys in this one are playing the part of a couple of horny young recruits who find themselves at a bit of a loose end, but they know how to pass the time and enjoy themselves!

Although I have to question the notion of putting these boys in the middle of a warzone, with the sounds of bombs dropping outside (come on, would they really be sharing uncut cock with each other with all that going on? lol) it’s still a horny video with a couple of great twinks we love to see in action.

Lyle Boyce and Edwin Sykes (a relatively new arrival on the European gay porn scene) go from playing cards to showing off their cocks and swapping their hard dicks in a shared sucking session that can really only go in one direction. Maybe the violence outside and the menacing threat is supposed to have them wanting to experience things before they get hit? Whatever the theory, the sight of these boys gobbling down those uncut tools is enough to have you forgetting about the theme entirely.

Lyle is after more than just a mouthful, his hole is soon up and ready for some rimming, quickly followed by Edwin sticking his long cock into him and fucking him with some eagerness you would expect from boys their age.

It might be a little silly to have the sound effects around them, but I do love army twink sex scenes, and this one is definitely on my list for plenty of future wanking.


Sep 16

Alexander Dorch rides the big naked dick of uncut buddy Jace Reed

I do love the sporty scenes on the Staxus.com site, but I have to first make a comment about the Ikea furniture they’ve decided to use for this set. Have you ever been in any locker room that looks like this? No, I haven’t either. Although that’s a little disappointing (come on guys, try harder) the action between hung and uncut Jace Reed and his buddy Alexander Dorch is what this should really be about.

There’s little build-up for this hardcore action, and it seems Alexander (the punky looking dude in this one) needs little excuse to tug down the shorts of his friend and get at that hung and uncut cock he has between his legs. He doesn’t need any excuse to get sucking on that gorgeous piece of meat either!

The oral pleasuring is returned with equal enthusiasm by Jace, which you would probably expect given that Alexander has one of the prettiest pink uncut dicks of all the Staxus boys.

On the floor and with his big cock pointing up like a flagpole, Jace enjoys the pleasure as his length vanishes into the raw tight hole of his friend. Alexander is a pretty new guy for the site, but he’s showing just what kind of talented bottom dude he is as he rides that shaft like a pro and wanks himself off while he takes every inch.

The fucking in this video is great, the sucking a delicious sight, but the cum facial Alexander gets at the end is what had me spunking out my load in unison. It’s a hot scene from one of the best bareback twink European sites out there, definitely check it out when you get the chance.

If you need any more persuading, you should know they have more than 1,300 videos on there for you guys to jerk off over, in all kinds of hardcore themes and with plenty of bareback fucking and uncut cock too. There’s lots of cummy messes being delivered at the end of these scenes too, something all the jizz fans will really get off on. And remember, there’s the Staxus Mobile site for tablet and phone viewing ;)


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