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Apr 16

Lucky twink bottom Jordan Jacobs gets daddy dick

Joe Gunn is the hunky dude with the tash and the ink getting to appreciate the delights of twink bottom Jordan Jacobs in this new scene from the Eurocreme site, and I have a feeling that most of you will wish you were that young man when you see the fucking he takes from that big and meaty man!

Jordan is perhaps the perfect bottom boy to give to such a masculine guy too, because he apparently loves nothing more than being thrown around and used by a dominant dude. Joe has the power and the stamina to really give it to him too, but you’ll see that when the action really heats up.

The guys start off with some great sucking, with Joe getting on Jordan’s boner and showing him how an experienced man can work a boys dick. Flipped over with his hot little ass there to be enjoyed, the boy takes a rimming before getting that gay daddy cock in his chute and taking a powerful fuck from the guy.

You would want to take that thing in various positions too, and this boy certainly does as he begins his ride bent over then gets it from below as he slides up and down on that solid length.

It’s obvious that this is going to end with some great loads being splashed out, and you’ll want to hold yours back until we reach the final moments of this one too. It’s a great finale to a very hot scene, one that most of you will probably be back to watch more than once.

If you get off on the sight of a hot and hard gay daddy cock taking a twink boys hole then this one is definitely for you ;)


Apr 15

Twink fuck buddies Sage Porter and Evan Parker fool around

It’s been a little while since we had some of the great twink action from the Helix Studios site, but when I watched this pairing with Evan Parker and Sage Porter I knew it was one that had to be added to the blog.

It’s an almost romantic gay porn video as the boys share an evening in and start to get deep with some discussions about relationships, something that Evan doesn’t want to talk about. What’s the best way to change the subject? Distract with your dick!

Come on, you all would too, right? lol

Needless to say it works on Sage, who is never one to turn down the attentions of his fuck buddy and lose out on getting some dick in his mouth, and his own shaft into a tight twink hole.

Sage is the boy to take that length in his ass when the guys retreat to the bedroom to take their making out to the next level.

This site always releases some of the most amazing twink porn scenes out there, but the occasional addition of a romantic gay porn video adds something to the site that many others don’t have. This isn’t the kind of horny and rampant fuck you might expect from others out there in the business, it’s more tender and loving than that.

Check it out below and tell me what you guys think. And remember, there’s a lot more where this one came from so click through to view some of the other videos these gorgeous boys have been in. There’s even a Helix Studios Mobile site for you guys to check out on phones and tablets too, which is another thing that makes this one of the best gay porn sites out there.


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Apr 15

Bruno Fox gets some straight dick in his tight ass

I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that Bruno Fox is one lucky guy. He’s getting some hard uncut straight boy cock in his hot ass for this recent arrival on the UK Naked Men site, and it’s being delivered by the sexy young British jock boy Paul Walker!

I’ve seen Paul in a few videos before, and I know that he is actually straight from what he’s said in interviews. He just loves sex and loves performing, and I guess he just believes that any hole is a goal ;)

And Bruno’s hole is most certainly a goal in this servicing session with the hunk. He starts off at the boys feet, licking his sole and sucking on toes, but you know a foot fetishist like him can’t ignore that juicy uncut cock between the guys legs.

What could have been all about the feet becomes a lot hornier when that straight boy cock is out and sliding between the older hunks lips for some really tasty sucking.

Paul is not the kind of guy to miss out on an opportunity to sink his cock into someone, so when Bruno offers up his ass the boy is right in there without giving it much thought.

Riding that ass gets the boys nuts ready to burst, and it’s a hot delivery that will definitely have most of you joining in.

I can’t help it, I love seeing straight guys enjoying some hardcore gay fucking like this! Would you be able to turn down this hot young man? I doubt it.


Apr 14

Oscar Roberts takes two tight skater boy butts

Who doesn’t like a great bareback twink threesome video? I’ll tell you, no one! There are only a few sites out there that make this kind of action a regular feature, and Staxus is one of the best of that small bunch. You can see from this latest update in the theme on the site that they know how to do it well!

We join a trio of horny skater boys who all need to shoot some cum from their balls, and we get to watch them enjoying each other in a kinky spitroasting threesome as lucky Oscar Roberts gets to enjoy the tight fuck holes of his two friends Tristan Wood and Lee Rider. It’s an immense trio, with plenty of inches of uncut cock slipping into raw holes and sucking mouths over and over again.

With some kinky foot fun to get the party started, the two boys are soon seducing their older pal into sharing his big dick with both of them, not that he needs much convincing!

The mess of limbs, sucking mouths, tight holes and twitching cocks soon separates into a bareback twink threesome session that sees both those young guys taking it in the ass, with their cum being fucked from their balls and a final splashing from Oscar himself in appreciation of all their talented efforts ;)

If you enjoy porn on the go, check out the Staxus Mobile site, they still have every one of more than 1,300 videos on there for you to jerk off over.


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