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Aug 22

Kayden Gray slams his massive dick into Alexx Desley

If you love the sight of a huge uncut cock being rammed up a tight hot ass (and lets be honest, who the fuck doesn’t love seeing that?!) then you need to be clicking through to the Hard Brit Lads site and checking out this latest addition starring Alexx Desley and Kayden Gray.

Alexx might be new to a lot of you, he’s brand new to the UK gay porn scene I think, but after seeing the way the pierced and inked tanned hunk takes that massive dick I sure as hell know that he has a good career ahead of him if he wants it.

Kayden is certainly not new to the business however, he’s been around on the scene for a few years now, sharing that massive dick with some very lucky performers. He’s a tight bodied and powerful top who knows how to use that immense piece of meat to get guys off, and himself too.

A little playing with bulges gets the action started, but it’s clear pretty early on that Alexx is greedy to get that big meat between his lips. I can understand that, it’s a huge uncut cock, smooth and rock hard, juicy as hell and worth spending some time licking and sucking on. He gets on it and works it with some obvious skill, his own pierced uncut cock out and in his wanking fist as he enjoys the taste of Kayden’s shaft.

His own delicious dick is given some appreciative oral attention in return, but it’s the fucking I think you’ll all be wanting to see.

I have to confess that I would probably struggle to take that big dick in my hole, but Alexx really shows a kind of greed that’s needed for a boner like that. Kayden starts off slow, easing into his licked ass and thrusting in and out to get him used to his size – he knows he’s a big boy.

But that caution soon evaporates once he knows Alexx can take it fully, and he fucks that butt with the kind of thrusting that warns of an imminent cum load. With Alexx splashing his own cum out over himself we’re left with Kayden to deliver the goods. And where should that cum load go? All over his bottom dude’s face of course, in his mouth and down his throat! Alexx licks and sucks on that sticky cock, savoring the fresh spooge to finish off the session.

It’s an excellent video, one worth more than just a couple of jack off sessions ;)


Aug 22

Butch Grand gives up his hairy hole for Carioca

Now this is a hardcore scene from World Of Men that you will not want to miss if you love the sight of a tanned and hunky man with big dick giving it to a hairy muscle bottom who just can’t get enough of that meat in his ass!

Butch Grand is the familiar hunk taking that thick and meaty tool and gobbling like he’s been starved of dick for too long, working Carioca’s cock and prepping it for entry in the most delicious way. Don’t worry though, his own pink and perfectly formed length is hard and ready for some oral too as toned Carioca gets to work on returning the favor.

Our hairy muscle bottom is more than that in just name, as you’ll see when his ass is in the air and his tanned friend gets licking and slurping, easing his hole open with a probing finger. There’s a lot of anal play in this video, with Butch loving every prod and lick as his pucker gets a full on exploring treatment.

You know it’s all leading up to our top easing his meat in there, and It’s a great fuck too with Carioca ramming his dick in deep, and slamming that wanton ass all over in various positions, until neither can keep their cum in their balls any longer and both erupt in a splashing display that should have plenty of viewers jerking out their own ball juice! ;)


Aug 21

New gay hardcore boys Bo Randall and Matt Boner arrive at Staxus

It’s amazing that Staxus.com keeps finding these gorgeous new twink boys for their bareback videos, and although I don’t know where they keep getting them from I really hope they continue to uncover these stunning and incredibly horny young men for their releases.

We have two new finds in this hardcore uncut cock bareback scene, with Bo Randall and Matt Boner playing the roles of school-age twinks who need to get their cocks unloading with each other and seem to know just how to do it!

Bo is the instigator in this one, seeing his handsome and hairy young friend enjoying a snooze and unable to resist the tempting cock in his pants. Needless to say it’s not long before the cute young man has that uncut dick out and in his mouth, something his waking friend is more than happy to enjoy.

You would expect plenty of oral in a video with two delicious hooded dicks on two horny young guys, and we get exactly that as they swap their shafts and enjoy plenty of licking and sucking. It’s all leading up to a great anal session though, and one that will definitely have you all wanking out your own cum shots to the action.

Hold that load back, because the sight of Matt’s gorgeous cock slipping up into Bo’s hot and tight hole is not to be missed. The boy knows how to take a hard length of boy meat, riding it and then taking it from behind, and on his back too. There’s some great mid-fuck sucking in this one as Bo gobbles on that naked length and tastes that hot juicy mix of precum, spit and ass juice.

The final moments of cum splashing will be the ultimate reward though, with Bo pumping out a generous squirting load of ball cream and Matt joining in soon after!

This site is famous for their uncut cock bareback sex, with some of the most amazing guys. It has to be pointed out too that they have more than a thousand hardcore videos on there now, and it’s all available on your iPhones and Tablets with the Staxus Mobile site too. All of this makes this site one of the best in the world in my humble opinion – I don’t know of any other site able to offer all that action.


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Aug 21

Brad Kalvo gives his solid naked shaft to hairy bottom Shay Michaels!

If you love being fucked by real horny bareback daddies with some real power and muscle behind their cock (and who doesn’t?) then you are going to LOVE this new scene from the Breed Me Raw site. If you’ve been checking out any of their hardcore videos over the last few months you know that hunks like Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels are to be expected in their action, and you will definitely not be disappointed by this double whammy of intense musclebound manliness.

This is real masculine fucking between two guys who certainly know what it takes to deliver an amazing fuck scene, with Brad completely owning that hot hairy hole Shay has to offer.

I’m not sure which of these guys I would rather be, but I have a feeling most of you would opt to be the bottom in this pairing. Brad has some real power and strength, not to mention endurance too as he holds his cum back while Shay deep throats his cock. The hunk can see that waiting ass in the mirror in front of him and it seems to be keeping him going, knowing that he’s gonna be sinking his naked inches into it within moments.

And when that time comes we get a great performance from both, with Shay really getting off on being rammed both doggy style and on his back, his own pink dick hard and curved, ready to spew hot cum at any moment!

Needless to say it ends with some great jizz splashing action, as you would expect from a scene with such amazing bareback daddies ;)


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