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Jul 30

Uncut European boys JP Dubois, Caleb Moreton and Seth Roberts have a party!

The next time a Jehovah’s Witness knocks on your door you’ll probably be thinking back to this European gay threesome fuck from the Eurocreme site. Although, all of the Jehovah’s Witness people I have ever seen work in pairs, and most of them are old ladies. Still, you never know, you might one day get a cute twink on his own like Seth Roberts!

He’s arrived to try to convert lovers JP Dubois and his super hung twink boyfriend Caleb Moreton, but instead of signing them up for the Watchtower Magazine he soon finds himself being converted to the world of cummy cock!

He’s invited in, which must seem like an absolute win for a boy who constantly has doors slammed in his face (come on, we know what it’s like for these preachers). Soon he’s seduced, although you would think it would take a little more argument and persuasion!

Still, the boy finds himself in the middle of a very hot European gay threesome fuck with plenty of hooded dick to be sucked and wanked, and plenty of hot young ass to slide into!

With spitroasing, hungry oral, butt ramming and some great cum shots being splashed around, I think it’s fair to say that this young man might be ready to abandon his beliefs in favor of something a lot more fun! lol

Now excuse me, someone just rang the doorbell and I’m totally hoping it’s a hot young blond Mormon jock, I feel inspired! ;)


Jul 30

Brit twink Connor Levi fucked by uncut raw muscle top Rudy Bodlak!

As soon as I saw the names appearing in this new hardcore bareback fuck scene from the Sweet and Raw site I knew it was one that I wanted to see. I have a thing for British twink Connor Levi, and I definitely have a thing for straight and hunky uncut muscle cock dude Rudy Bodlak!

Rudy is one of those gay for pay performers who really enjoys himself on video, you can tell he’s totally getting off on fucking other guys in the ass, and when he’s in a scene you know it’s gonna be scorching hot.

To pair him up with British twink Connor was a stroke of genius, the boy can take it hard and deep, and Rudy loves it like that too.

Starting off with some hot sucking (something all the uncut cock fans will really love) the guys move on to some rimming and ass play to get that tight and smooth twink hole ready for Rudy’s dick. A little more 69 action has them both throbbing and needing more, and when Rudy sinks his dick into that sweet ass he really lets loose!

You can imagine that being fucked by gorgeous muscled top Rudy might have you cumming pretty quickly, but Connor manages to take a great ramming from the guy before finally splashing out his cum wad. The final juicy treat sees our bareback bottom boy getting a healthy dose of thick and warm protein straight from his muscled buddy and loving every drop!

It’s an excellent scene with a couple of great bareback performers, you need to check it out when you get the chance.


Jul 29

David Owen gets it good from Enrico Cruz and Claudio Cesar

It’s good to see some of the classic horny bareback spitroast videos on Sweet and Raw getting the digital treatment, and this remastered scene with David Owen being shared and fucked by Enrico Cruz and Claudio Cesar is sure to make it onto many faves lists.

We kick off the fun with David and Enrico enjoying a secret session of shared wanking and sucking, revealing their cocks to each other and getting some fun started. It’s all innocent enough, but when their third friend walks in and finds his buddies getting it on he decides that it’s a hot enough show to deserve a wank.

Claudio jerks himself off watching Enrico sliding his naked cock into David, but that’s not enough for the curious boy. He heads in to join the party, feeding David his own cock and enjoying the sensation of his buddy’s mouth on his juicy uncut dick.

It results in a hot session of bareback spitroast fucking for the boys as they share David between them, but Claudio likes to finish things off with a wanked out cum load so takes a seat and unloads his balls watching his friends enjoying themselves.

Soon we’re down to the finish with David and Enrico ready to unload their own cum wads in a hot display of raw uncut cock cum squirting that really should have a lot of you guys joining in too ;)


Jul 29

Hairy hunk Rich Kelly jacking off for the boys

We’ve been seeing quite a lot of handsome and hairy hunk Rich Kelly on the Alphamales site recently, and I can understand why given that the guy is so utterly gorgeous.The fans obviously love him, and with solo jacking off sessions like this one that appreciation is only going to grow.

Although he’s been pretty much a top in most of the appearances I’ve seen him in, he’s really letting loose in this anal play video, first flexing his muscles and hen showing off all that furry sexiness before revealing his growing cock and playing with his hairy hole for the guys to enjoy.

If you get off on seeing real horny men enjoying their own dick and butt then you will want to see this solo!

He fingers his pucker, rubs his taint, slaps his ass and slides in one of the thickest and meatiest dildos he could have chosen to try, showing that he’s not just a top able to slam a guys ass with his gorgeous cut cock.

Inevitably after jacking off and filling up his ass in this solo anal play video he’s ready to shoot a nice load of hot and milky cum over himself, and he does exactly that as the spurts fly from his helmet and splash up across his hairy torso!

He’s such a hot guy, with a great body, and he knows how to show it all off too. I’m looking forward to a lot more starring this guy.


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