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Sep 30

Gorgeous Gabriel Angel bangs Louis Blakeson bareback!

When it comes to adorable and horny uncut European bareback boys, I don’t think there is any other site out there capable of delivering the kind of action Staxus.com delivers. I’m not kidding when I say I have looked around and been a member of plenty of sites, but none of them have the number of boys, videos and hardcore bareback porn that Staxus has. This latest one with Louis Blakeson and gorgeous new arrival Gabriel Angel should prove to many of you that this is one of the best sites.

There’s no real story to this one, just a couple of truly stunning young men arriving to share their cocks with each other and fuck out some cum. Gabriel is the top boy for this, with British twink Louis more than willing to give up his tender and smooth hole for that lad to sink his meat into.

The boys share a lot of expert sucking and licking before we get to the anal, and fans of uncut boys enjoying some hooded lengths will absolutely adore all the up-close action as they gobble on each others dicks.

The fucking is where these boys really go into their own though, Gabriel proves himself to be more than adequate as a top when he sinks his long raw cock into Louis and fucks him in several positions. The boy loves the feel of a big uncut dick naked in his ass, and it’s not too long before he’s wanking out his cum load with help from Gabriel’s prodding member.

It’s a great scene with a pair of truly gorgeous uncut European bareback boys, one that you will want to see more than once.

And remember, they have more than 1,300 hardcore videos on there (more than any other twink site I’ve found) and they have the Staxus Mobile site for you guys to enjoy too.


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Sep 30

Troy Webb seduced on set by Jessie Colter!

You know, I often wonder what it must be like to be there on set when you’re filming some hardcore gay sex scenes with some truly hot men, and this new video from the Alphamales site seems to be giving us a peek at some of the extra action that goes on when the mood takes the guys into some genuine horny unscripted sex.

We’re kicking this off with Jessie Colter, lounging around on set and seemingly waiting for something to start. Cameraman David has a plan, and it’s a real hot one that will result in Jessie getting a hardcore fucking from an unsuspecting hairy gay top who just can’t say no to that tempting ass!

Troy Webb arrives on set without having a clue about what’s expected of him, but Jessie makes it clear pretty quickly. He’s the unplanned scene partner being invited in for a great fuck on camera, and one look at Jessie’s sexy eyes and the thought of his hot hole welcoming the hunks cock inside is enough to have Troy sharing his meaty dick with the jock.

And so begins a suck and fuck that was seemingly entirely unplanned, with the hairy gay top plowing that hot jock ass and making Jessie cum a splashing load of semen out over himself before he gets a second splashing from Troy to finish things off!

See, this is the kind of thing I imagine goes on, along with all the “fluffing” and jerking off. I don’t know how it could be any other way with so many hot and horny guys in one place ;)

It makes me want a job in porn! lol


Sep 29

Adam Tremadoc shares his uncut cock with colleague Alex Stevens

This is such a hot scene from the Bulldog Pit site, with a couple of truly hot performers too. Alex Stevens is the young builder finishing up for the day when he discovers his big and burly boss wanking himself off at the top of the stairs, and of course the boy is interested in watching the live solo show and wanking himself off too.

Adam doesn’t mind being caught tugging on his hard uncut cock, and when he sees that he has an audience he’s quickly joining young Alex and feeding him his gorgeous looking boner.

I love videos that are all about being caught wanking and the friendly sucking and stroking guys can share, and even though it would be hot to see them fucking out some cum loads the oral action they share with each other is hot.

With his own cock sucked and Alex’s hard dick out in the open Adam returns the favor and gets on his knees to lick and suck on the boys hooded meat. He does a great job of it, but ultimately it’s Alex who finishes up the session as he sucks on that tanned meat and makes his boss splash a hot load of cum out over him!

There’s plenty of cum splashing out at the end of this one, you will definitely be joining in with them ;)

There’s not a lot of videos focusing on what happens when a horny hunk is caught wanking, so if it’s something you’re into like I am this is one scene you’ll want to own.


Sep 29

Jason O’Connor has a great stiff uncut dick to give to bottom Ben Grey!

It’s part two of a great pairing between Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey in this new arrival on the Hard Brit Lads site, and I have a good feeling that the sight of these two horny British guys is going to have you clicking through wanting more. It’s one of my favorite sites for British gay porn, and I think it’s likely to be one of yours too.

Jason is the one taking complete control of his buddy’s ass in this video, starting with some great pucker play as he fingers the guys twitching hole and jerks on his hard uncut cock. It’s a great position for Ben to be in, and I have to say I’m a little jealous!

When Jason feels that hole is ready for his hard uncut boner he slides it in nice and easy, letting Ben get used to the feel of his meat inside him. He’s not the most hung guy they’ve had on the site, but it’s a pretty impressive length of hard fuckmeat he has there!

Soon enough he’s really fucking Ben, sliding all the way in, back out to the tip, than back in deep. There’s plenty of positions to enjoy in this one, but it’s when Ben is on his back and taking it while wanking himself off that he finally reaches the point of no return.

With his own cum splashing out over his tanned abs, he quickly gets a second spunking as Jason pulls out and beats his meat to drain every drop of semen from his balls.

I think we all love some hot gay British porn, and this pairing is a great example of what this site does best ;)


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